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Moving Headlong Toward The Dark Ages

Baltimore to Ignore Behavior and Homework in School Grading   It can be said with certainty that Baltimore schools, in Community Superintendent for Zone 2 George Robert’s zone will likely provide participation trophies if parents will either break in to … Continue reading

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FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G roll out

Are we being asked to believe that NSA doesn’t have access to our lives already?   The video below is quite interesting. Is it made by just another nut job groups attempting to scare us? Watch and decide for yourselves. … Continue reading

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Who Will Give Us More Free Shit?

By Jim Campbell, August 16, 2016   The left thinks we still buy their malarkey about all the free things that aren’t free. Watch their world come to a screaming halt and their constituents vote them out of office when … Continue reading

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