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WSJ: Hillary Will Run Again

Comment by Jim Campbell November 11th, 2018 It’s a good thing this is an opinion piece. As the saying goes, “Everyone has one.” In her case, she has one and is one. B.T.W. I didn’t make this up.   Buried … Continue reading

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“Life Inside China’s Total Surveillance State”

By Jim Campbell January 4th, 2018   If the reader is tempted to believe that things are getting a bit weird in the United States look no further than China for a new definition of weirdness. Imagine what type of … Continue reading

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WSJ Editorial Board Calls on Robert Mueller to Resign from Russia Probe

Robert Mueller former Director of the FBI and his amigos below, clearly meet the definition of partisan hacks. Mueller must be far more ignorant than he looks. He continues to base his case on collusion when collusion is not a … Continue reading

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Kerry Exits as Congenital Liar and Traitor to America & Israel

Nothing could have surprised, indeed shocked, the national and international public more than learning through a Boston Globe article by Jennifer Anne Perez on February 2, 2003.   U.S. Senator John Kerry, who presented himself as a born-to-the-purple “Boston Brahmin” … Continue reading

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Cyber-attack Knocks Out Access to Websites

After Hillary lost control of her servers, Wikileaks does an amazing job by providing the U.S. and the developed world on malfeasance within our government and others around the world.   It would seem that cyber security would be near … Continue reading

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Let Me Ask America a Question

The essay below written by Donald J. Trump is on the money.   Though he will not suggest such a thing, he must understand that if the voters lose their right to vote than that will put us on the … Continue reading

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The New Cash Hoarders

So you thought the U.S. was crashing and burning financially?   Take another look at Switzerland, Japan, China and Russia. Negative interest rates have the law-abiding scrambling for bills. Who in their right mind would leave their money with those … Continue reading

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