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Clinton’s Waco Slaughter April 19th, 1993 – 25th Anniversary

By Jim Campbell April 22, 2018 Once again under the woeful leadership, this time of then Clinton Attorney General, Janet Reno, the FBI completely blew its raid on the Branch Davidian Complex killing many innocent members, made up of men, … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Linda Tripp Reopens Vince Foster, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater Scandals

Linda Tripp had always appeared to me to be some what of a behind the scenes operator who put herself in the position of knowing too much and not keeping quiet about it. Of course the links below represent stories … Continue reading

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Do you believe in coincidence? John Ashe, Former-U.N. President indicted last year, dies

The chance of an individual dying from a crushed trachea while lifting bar bells is infinitesimal.   It cannot be found on any search engine as a cause of death. As any reputable pathologist knows, when the deceased looks to … Continue reading

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Trailer for ‘Clinton Cash’ Movie Premiering During Cannes Film Festival

The trailer and subsequent movie to follow could only be more aptly named, “Clinton Trash.”   There has never been a family in U.S. political history that is as corrupt, self-serving and participated in more illegal enterprises than the Clinton’s. … Continue reading

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From Whitewater to Email: David Kendall, the Clinton’s Dogged Lawyer

This from the N.Y.Times no less. There are not enough grave yards with open space to hide all the bones covering the criminal undertakings of the Clinton’s going back to Bill’s illegal involvement as Governor of Arkansas allowing cocaine to … Continue reading

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