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Here we go again: This time with more legitimate reasons

Comment’s by Jim Campbell February 11th, 2019 Let’s cut to the chase, if it wasn’t for the fact that Venezuela had the worlds largest oil reserves (Source) and the U.S. was using the Monroe Doctrine which prevents countries of its … Continue reading

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Update: Fascism by any other name is still fascism

By Jim Campbell June 25, 2016 By no stretch of the imagination can White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders be considered a fascist. This of course is what the party of “No and Woe,” reverts to when they have run … Continue reading

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Is Trump Crazy?

By Jim Campbell May 17, 2017 Is Trump Crazy? Glad you asked. Those on the left believe him to be bat shit crazy and desirous of getting us into more wars. That would be the wars Obama could not and … Continue reading

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Shutting You Down: Facebook’s Jeff Zuckerberg’s Attempt To Trample on the First Amendment

By Jim Campbell March 23, 2018 Congratulations to Mr. Zuckerberg for coming up with coming up with a business model that allowed him to make millions. For the most part, those who hang out and comment there are among those … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, to Officially Becomes 45th US President

It would be quite difficult to find a more topical headline than the one above.   Predictability, at the time of its posting, the so-called “Main Stream Media,” chose to ignore it. If they hope to have seating in the … Continue reading

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When Pigs Fly…..

Western European Countries had better start getting their acts together and quite kissing Muslim asses.   Now it’s Germany, then the French, (Source) look out American, we are next if we don’t get rid of the progressive/socialists currently destroying our … Continue reading

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