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Social Media: An addiction?

By Jim Campbell July 11, 2018 If I didn’t write daily on this site I wouldn’t turn my computer on. So in that case, it would be fair to say I’m addicted to my Mac. There are just too many … Continue reading

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Using drones to save lives rather than take them

There is one issue that is incorrect in the video below.   Being a First Response Instructor, we teach our students that they must never leave the patient alone and always start performing CPR first. Please send out a bystander … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina’s controversy over HP printers sold in Iran, explained

 It’s politics as usual with opponents of Carly Fiorina bringing up dirt about her alleged selling technology illegally to Iran while CEO at Hewlett-Packard.     While the evidence is clear that it happened and the interview with Chris Wallace … Continue reading

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