Taliban suicide team assaults provincial police headquarters in Eastern Afghanistan


A Taliban suicide team stormed the provincial police headquarters in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia today, killing at least six policemen before ultimately being gunned down.

The attack on the police headquarters in the provincial capital of Gardez took place in the early morning. The Taliban suicide team used tactics that have been perfected by multiple jihadist groups on numerous battlefields over the past decade and a half.



First, a suicide bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives and detonated his payload at the main gate, opening a breach for the assault team to enter the compound.

Then, a heavily armed assault team fanned out to shoot anyone they could before they occupied a building inside the compound.


Afghan forces battled the Taliban team throughout the day before killing the last remaining attacker.

See attack at the midpoint in the video below, no apparent collateral damage.




The Long   War Journal

Bill Roggio

June 18th, 2017       



In a statement released on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban claimed the strike under the aegis of Operation Mansouri, its most recent spring offensive.

“The attack began at 06:22 am local time when a Mujahid from the martyrdom [sic] seeking battalion of Islamic Emirate detonated his explosive-laden vehicle inside the base following which multiple other martyrdom seekers entered the site and began engaging the enemy,” the group claimed.

The suicide assault, or coordinated attack using one or more suicide bombers and an assault team, is a tactic frequently used by the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, al Qaeda and its branches.


See the entire article below.


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US designates 2 Islamic State leaders tied to chemical weapons

The US government has designated two Islamic State figures involved in the group’s chemical weapons program.


Both of the men have helped produce chemical-laced explosives, likely using sulfur mustard, in Iraq.

The first of the two, Attallah Salman ‘Abd Kafi al-Jaburi, is a 44-year-old Iraqi who was designated by the Treasury Department. He is described as the “chemical weapons and explosives manager” in Iraq’s Kirkuk Province as of mid-2016.

Treasury explains that al-Jaburi first joined al Qaeda in 2003 and “he received his knowledge and expertise in developing and fabricating IEDs” beginning around that time.

Although the designation page doesn’t specify which part of al Qaeda he joined, it is likely that al-Jaburi first became a member of the predecessor of Al Qaeda in Iraq and stayed with the organization as it evolved into Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s so-called caliphate.

At some point, he supplemented his early training with expertise in chemical weapons, which he acquired while stationed in Syria.


The Long War Journal




Al-Jaburi returned to Iraq in 2015 and quickly got to work, according to Treasury.

While posted in Kirkuk in Jan. 2016, al-Jaburi worked “on a chemical weapons project that would be used against Peshmerga” fighters.

The Kurdish Peshmerga have been engaged in heavy fighting against the jihadists in northern Iraq for years.



Treasury says Al-Jaburi was also part of an Islamic State “group that ran a factory” for “manufacturing IEDs, mines, and up-armored VBIEDs” in Hawijah, Iraq.

By late 2016, he was a “senior leader in charge of an ISIS IED and explosives factory, in addition to a technical workshop located in a hospital in the Hawijah District of Kirkuk Province.”

The jihadists developed rockets at the facility, in addition to other munitions.

Separately, the State Department designated Marwan Ibrahim Hussayn Tah al-Azawi, describing him as “an Iraqi ISIS leader connected to ISIS’s development of chemical weapons for use in ongoing combat against Iraqi Security Forces.”

Foggy Bottom notes that “ISIS has repeatedly used sulfur mustard in chemical weapons attacks in Syria as well as in Iraq.”

Indeed, there have been multiple reports indicating that the Islamic State has used a “mustard agent” in its operations.

Colonel John Dorrian, who was the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, was asked about such attacks during a press briefing in April.

“As far as the types of materials that the enemy used they have low grade capabilities…representative of chlorine and mustard agent,” Dorrian explained. “Sometimes I see that reported as mustard gas, that’s not correct. It’s mustard agent.”



Dorrian explained that the agent is “dispersed into a very small area whenever these munitions go off” and they “are not especially effective about anything except creating a public narrative.” While they are “not as effective even as explosive rounds…they do get some attention.”

Nevertheless, the US military has also repeatedly highlighted the Islamic State’s use of low-grade chemical weapons.

In July 2016, for instance, the Defense Department announced the killing of Basim Muhammad Ahmad Sultan al-Bajari, who served as the Islamic State’s “deputy minister of war.” Al-Bajari originally joined al Qaeda (again, perhaps meaning al Qaeda in Iraq) and then rose through the ranks of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s enterprise.

He “oversaw” the “June 2014 offensive to capture Mosul” and also led the Islamic State’s “Jaysh al-Dabiq battalion,” which was “known for using vehicle-borne IEDs, suicide bombers and mustard gas in its attacks.”

In December, US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti, an Islamic State leader, was “killed by a coalition airstrike near Tabqa Dam, Syria.” Abu Jandal had been a member of the group’s war committee and also helped retake Palmyra, Syria from Bashar al Assad’s forces.

He was then redeployed to Tabqa, which fell to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) earlier this year. “Abu Jandal was involved in the use of suicide vehicles, IEDs and chemical weapons against the SDF,” CENTCOM stated.

For more on the US military targeting the Islamic State’s chemical weapons program, see FDD’s Long War Journal report: US military hits another Islamic State chemical weapons facility in Iraq.

Thomas Joscelyn is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Senior Editor for FDD’s Long War Journal.




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Jihadists In Syria Using Anti-Tank Guided Missiles: Where Did Jihadists Get These Weapons?

Would it be unlike our military to ship arms into an area only to find that they end up in the hands of the enemy against U.S. Troops?


How demoralizing, for U.S. troops to fight to take ground they hand once pacified if there is such thing in the Middle East.

As long as we continue to join in the civil wars in the Middle East, more of the same will likely happen.


WEST MOSUL – Gunfire sounds in the background. In an adjacent alleyway, Islamic State snipers keep watching for movement. On the roof above our

On the roof above our heads, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are pouring fire into buildings occupied by the terrorists.

Five members of the Iraqi Federal Police sit on chairs and boxes in a street, sheltered from the battle. One of their colleagues is busy trying to pry open a box of .50 caliber ammo, as another man feeds a belt of bullets into the squad’s machine gun. It’s the sixth month of the battle to re-take Mosul and coming up on the third anniversary of Iraq’s war against ISIS.



The Battle For Mosul

The Mad Jewess

Jihadists In Syria Using Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, Apr 8, 2017


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The head of Iran’s elite Qods Force, Qassem Soleimani, was killed with his soldiers this week

A photo surfaced on Friday claiming to show Major General Qassem Soleimani, chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) extraterritorial branch aka the Qods Force, in the northern countryside of Syria’s central province of Hama.

Meanwhile, a senior Guard commander and two Iranians have been announced killed in Syria.


The Assad regime and its allies are attempting to counter a major insurgent offensive that was launched earlier this month in northern Hama. Pro-regime forces have managed to reverse some opposition gains, according to reports.

Pro-regime forces have managed to reverse some opposition gains, according to reports.

Of course there is a song for this occasion. (Source)


Arab media citing local sources reported that Soleimani met with the chief of the Assad-loyalist Tiger Forces, which dispatched to Hama last week to counter the rebel offensive.

The picture was allegedly taken after Soleimani met with a Syrian general.

Backed by Russian airpower, pro-regime forces – including the IRGC, Harakat al Nujaba (an Iranian-controlled Iraqi militia) – the Tiger Forces, the National Defense Forces and other pro-Assad militias have deployed to bolster the northern Hama front against the opposition assault. Unverified reports on social media claim the IRGC-controlled Afghan Fatemiyoun Division and additional Iranians have transferred to Hama from south Aleppo.



The insurgents include a number of jihadist, Islamist and Free Syrian Army-branded groups. Al Qaeda’s joint venture, Hay’at Tahrir al Sham, is playing a significant role.

The IRGC has announced fatalities as the Hama battles have raged.

Earlier this week, at least two members of the IRGC Basij paramilitary – a volunteer force which operates under the authority of the Ground Forces branch – were announced killed in Hama battles.

 On Friday, Iranian media and officials confirmed three more Guard members, including a brigadier general second class, were killed in Syria.

Their remains arrived in Iran on that same day, indicating they were killed prior to the announcement.


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Al Qaeda front group claims responsibility for suicide attacks in Damascus: Have we had enough of towel heads yet?

Seriously why doesn’t the U.S. sit back and let these vermin kill themselves?

Think about it matters not who they kill, be it Jews, Christians, Infidels, they are natural born killers who have proved it by participating in fratricide.


They are taught to hate as children because that has been the way it’s been.

Would sane people believe this will change?  Of course not.

So much for Obama’s rudderless foreign policy, let’s hope President Trump seeing things differently or bombs ISIS and the Taliban back into the Stone Age from where they began..


That’s right, the Sunni kill the Shia both Islamists with a different vision of who will be the new caliphate.


End the U.S. formation and funding of the Taliban and ISIS by the U.S. Taxpayer.

We don’t need their oil let them destroy themselves from within.

Load up what materials possible and haul ass, tomorrow.



Hay’at Tahrir al Sham (HTS), a group formed by al Qaeda’s branch in Syria and several other organizations, has claimed responsibility  (Source) for two suicide bombings in Damascus yesterday. Dozens were killed and many more wounded when the bombers struck Shiite pilgrims visiting holy sites in the Syrian capital. Many of the victims were from neighboring Iraq.



HTS portrays the attacks as a retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Shiite militias, which fight Sunnis in both Iraq and Syria. In its statement, HTS claims that one of the bombers struck “Iranian militias” and the second hit Assad’s forces. The statement could be read as an attempt to draw a distinction between civilians and supposedly legitimate military targets.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that approximately “8 children under the age of eighteen and 11” women or girls were killed.

Twenty (20) “members of the [Assad] regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them,” “including 16 members of [the] regime’s police and gunmen loyal to them,” are also among the dead.

The death toll has steadily risen since the initial casualty reports. SOHR estimates 74 people perished.

SOHR’s sources indicated that “the blasts took place sequentially.” One “explosive device” was detonated near a cemetery and then a second jihadist blew himself up as “the visitors from 9 buses gathered” afterward.

Al Qaeda generally avoids attacks on Shiite religious and civilian locations. Ayman al Zawahiri criticized such operations in a 2005 letter to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq. Zawahiri advised that the “majority of Muslims don’t comprehend” the Sunni-Shiite conflict “and possibly could not even imagine it.” Therefore, many of Zarqawi’s “Muslim admirers amongst the common folk are wondering about your attacks on the Shiites.”

“My opinion is that this matter won’t be acceptable to the Muslim populace however much you have tried to explain it, and aversion to this will continue,” Zawahiri wrote.

In his subsequent general guidelines for waging jihad, Zawahiri reiterated that the Sunni jihadists should only fight Shiites and other supposedly “deviant sects” of Muslims under certain circumstances.

“If they fight” Sunnis, Zawahiri wrote, “even then the response must be restricted to those parties amongst them who are directly engaged in the fight.”

The Sunni jihadists should “make it clear that we are only defending ourselves.” Moreover, Zawahiri continued, “[t]hose from amongst them who do not participate in the fight against us and their families, should not be targeted in their homes, places of worship, their religious festivals, and religious gatherings.”

However, yesterday’s bombings in Damascus deliberately targeted “religious gatherings.”

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US-led coalition targeted key online operative for Islamic State near Mosul

crew-2231211Leave it to the Long War Journal to bring us the latest and greatest on the U.S. efforts against ISIS.


Of course this will never appear in the leftist media.

Perhaps we should pull our troops out and drop in U.S. reports by parachute so they can tell us the real story.


The US-led coalition targeted Rachid Kassim, an aspiring rapper turned Islamic State operative, near Mosul, Iraq earlier this week.

Kassim, who is pictured above, has been involved in several terror plots in the West.

The airstrike was announced yesterday by Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway.

“We are currently assessing the results of that strike and will provide more information when it becomes available,” Major Rankine-Galloway told the press.

Some French media reports are already claiming that Kassim was killed, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP). But American officials remain uncertain.


French officials have tied Kassim to a string of plots in their country.

They found that Kassim was part of a network of online operatives who “remote-control” attacks via social media applications.

This network has coordinated small-scale attacks around the globe, including in European nations and the US.

[For an overview of how these plots work, see FDD’s Long War Journal report: Terror plots in Germany, France were ‘remote-controlled’ by Islamic State operatives.]

In June 2016, Amaq News Agency, one of the Islamic State’s chief propaganda arms, promoted a video from an Islamic State loyalist named Larossi Abballa.


screen-shot-2016-07-27-at-2-16-06-pm-300x169The video was recorded at the scene of a brutal double murder in Magnanville, France, which is less than 40 miles north of Paris. Abballa stabbed a police officer and his partner to death, recounting the horror show for the Islamic State’s audience and the rest of the world.

Abballa was a member of Kassim’s Telegram group, according to AFP. Authorities concluded that Kassim had encouraged Abballa.

In July 2016, a pair of Islamic State supporters killed a priest at a church in Normandy.

The two young men recorded a video in which they pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the head of the so-called caliphate. Amaq quickly edited and disseminated the footage online. A screen shot from the video can be seen on the right.

As FDD’s Long War Journal noted at the time, Amaq’s release of the clip required at least some level of coordination, even if only over the internet. Investigators discovered in the weeks that followed that Kassim provided the two jihadis with guidance online.

Then, in Sept. 2016, French authorities broke up an Islamic State plot near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. According to Reuters and France 24, Kassim “remotely guided” some members of the group, which included several women.

Kassim has been tied to other plots in Europe as well.


See the entire article below.


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Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

crew-2231211As part of his “Who the hell am I campaign,” Obama waxes on as though he was in a coma during his entire administration.


This guy is a serious piece of work.

Why didn’t he give this speech at the beginning of his “Residency?”

In his presentation below he spews more B.S. than Hillary did during and after her failed campaign for the presidency. 

Apparently, Generals and Admirals who followed his direction and were fired don’t in Obama’s mind qualify as citizens. (Source)



In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him.

In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him.



Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism.

Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism.




Characterizing the military’s mission as a fight against “violent extremism,” Obama insisted that soldiers need to rise up against Trump if they feel he is pushing policies that are ill-considered.

Obama told the troops, “each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”

Obama went on to insist that a proper U.S. policy against “violent extremism” is a “long term” policy.

“So rather than offer false promises that we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs or deploying more and more troops or fencing ourselves off from the rest of the world,” Obama said, “we have to take a long view of the terrorist threat.

And we have to pursue a smart strategy that can be sustained.

In the time remaining, let me just suggest what I think should guide this approach.”

The lame duck president also went on to blame terrorism on the Second Amendment and global warming.

In addressing the war-torn Middle East, Obama insisted that global warming forms a large part of that conflict.

“A changing climate is increasing competition for food and water,” which, he claimed, drives the conflict in Syria and other nearby nations.

ddf25770c00cccb49e7f5e4dd1b64be1The lame duck president also went on to blame terrorism on the Second Amendment and global warming.

In addressing the war-torn Middle East, Obama insisted that global warming forms a large part of that conflict. “A changing climate is increasing competition for food and water,” which, he claimed, drives the conflict in Syria and other nearby nations.

Obama also blamed the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for “violent extremism” in the United States.

“Somebody who is trying to kill and willing to be killed is dangerous, particularly when we live in a country where it’s very easy for that person to buy a very powerful weapon,” Obama insisted.

The presidential short-timer also placed blame on the Constitution’s First Amendment, hinting that he thinks free speech is too freely indulged to prevent “impressionable minds” from being warped by “extremism” on the Internet.

See the entire article below.


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