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First They Came for Confederate Generals, Then for Black Conservative

Comment by Jim Campbell November 28, 2018 Here we go again, racism once again rears its ugly head.     Yep, we must to our best to bring the country together, but it will not happen by increasing Obama’s racial … Continue reading

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We are in a silent civil war

The shooting will start if the the progressive/Democrats don’t eventually get it and stand down. That is not likely to to happen so keep your powder dry and your weapons well oiled. It’s not a matter of if, but when. … Continue reading

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The Rationing Society

The real goal of power is always power.   Consolidating production allows for total control through the moral argument of rationing, whether through resource redistribution or cap-and-trade. The politicians of a rationing society may blather on endlessly about increasing production, … Continue reading

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Immigration Can Kill the Democrat Party

Indeed it can and it likely will.   Add to this the recent publication that millennials are becoming more conservative than their parents, (Source) and we have the chance that the party that became hateful and divisive under Obama will … Continue reading

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Only Islam Can Save Us From Islam

It’s a certainty that the politically correct morons on both sides of the aisle who view Islam as a relation rather than the cult of death that it is that American citizens must look out for themselves.    Don’t tell … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Empty Judicial Chairs

Not unlike the “Empty Suit, he is and always will be, Obama screwed up black female candidate, Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination  for the D.C. District Appeals Court for all the wrong reasons. That was when he was a lack luster racist … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenfield: America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Democrat Problem

Facts are facts and delusions are delusions.   The anti-Second Amendment Marxists would not understand that the gun violence and deaths are for the most part found in blue states, with democrat mayors, governors and politicians.         … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenfield: Trump, Dictatorship and Competing With An Illiberal Left

As Daniel Greenfield clearly points out in his article below the left has had their turn with Obama and he was an abysmal failure in doing what was right for our country while at the same time attempting to destroy … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenfield: Two Talks on Muslim Migration

To say the very least, Obama’s immigration policy has just been one more disasters to add to his failed agenda.   Of course, Obama doesn’t believe he failed, everything is going to his plan, the destruction of America.   If … Continue reading

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Why Islam is a Cult of War

The original title of this  article was, “Why Islam is Religion of War.”   It was changed by the editor to emphasize the cult-like  nature of Islam while leaving the religious emphasis on war intact. Why is Islam a cult? … Continue reading

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