CIA, FBI launch manhunt for insider who handed top-secret documents to WikiLeaks

President Trumps, CIA Director, Mike Pompeo’s comments are patently absurd.


What evidence does he have for his assertions about Julian Assange its founder, in the video below?

Exposing the government’s illegal activities at any level is the true mark of a patriot.

I monument must be erected to laud the exposures of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange,and all whistleblowers.

After all, the government watches us, someone must watch them.

WikiLeaks called the series of leaks the ‘largest ever publication of confidential documents’ on the CIA.

Assange fired back at Pompeo’s comments saying the CIA is “trying to get ahead of the publicity curve and create a preemptive defense”.

 “For the head of the CIA to pronounce what the boundaries are, of reporting or not reporting — is a very disturbing precedent,” Assange said during an Intercepted podcast, speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has resided since 2012.
“The head of the CIA determining who is a publisher, who’s not a publisher, who’s a journalist, who’s not a journalist, is totally out of line.

“So how does he propose to conduct this ending?

He didn’t say.

But the CIA is only in the business of collecting information, kidnapping people, and assassinating people.


So, it’s quite a menacing statement that he does need to clarify.”


The next world war will not be invisible

After the success of STUXNET, a virus written by the United States to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, the U.S. government could no longer deny it was developing cyber weapons meant to do physical damage.

With US companies and agencies under constant attack from state-sponsored Chinese hackers, it is only a matter of time before tensions boil over and more sensitive infrastructure is targeted.

As more of our devices (cars, homes, etc) become connected, we will become more and more vulnerable to the physical threat of cyber warfare.


Threat Assessment:

The Business Insider

David Choi

April 20, 2017


The CIA and FBI have reportedly launched a manhunt for the person responsible for leaking thousands of top-secret documents describing the CIA’s cyber-spying capabilities and tools.

In March, WikiLeaks published a trove of damaging files in an ongoing series of “Vault 7” leaks exposing the CIA’s wide-ranging tools and hacking capabilities used to snoop on various smartphones, smart televisions, computer systems, software and other devices.

Citing sources familiar with the investigation, CBS reports the CIA and FBI are looking for an insider believed to be a CIA employee or contractor who had physical access to the material.

However, they did not publicly specify when or how the material was stolen from the agency.

Describing the series of leaks as the “largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency, “WikiLeaks previously said the documents and files came from “an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia”.The notorious whistle-blowing site previously said the CIA recently “lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal” ranging from malware and trojans to zero-day exploits and malware remote control systems.

The massive archive was apparently circulated among former US government hackers and contractors “in an unauthorized manner,” WikiLeaks said.

WikiLeaks said it obtained the material from former contractors who worked for US intelligence.

Hundreds of employees and contractors are said to have access to the documents held in a highly secure part of the CIA, the sources said. Investigators are beginning to work through those names.
While the CIA has yet to comment on the authenticity of WikiLeaks’ disclosures, multiple high-profile tech companies scrambled to detect and fix security flaws to protect their products following the leaks.

Last week, CIA director Mike Pompeo slammed WikiLeaks in his first public comments as spy agency chief calling the group a “hostile intelligence service.”.

He also accused founder Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, a former contractor who leaked NSA documents to journalists in 2013, of seeking to use sensitive information to “make a name for themselves”.

 “As long as they make a splash, they care nothing about the lives they put at risk or the damage they cause to national security,” Pompeo said. “It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is — a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.

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James O’Keefe & Project Veritas offers $10,000 awards for evidence of ‘media malfeasance’

crew-2231211Project Veritas and WikiLeaks: Doing the Job the FBI and DOJ Won’t. (Source)


With Donald Trump as President and Jeff Sessions, the more serious allegations will complete investigations with wrongdoers going to prison when a guilty verdict is reached.

In contrast with Wiki Leaks, James O’Keefe don’t just report the news, he finds a story and typically goes undercover with a staff member to secretly video it and bring it to us.




Jullian Assange depends upon disgruntled employees, typically of the federal government to provide, classified and secret information on government wrongdoing.

While O’Keef’s articles typically deal with illegal activities as he did when he busted ACORN Voter Fraud, Hillary’s campaign skirting election laws, anarchy his activities are of little harm except for alerting the authorities to shut them down and put them through the legal system if deemed necessary.




Julian Assange after declaring Asylum at a number of embassies around the world is now in Ecuador.

(The reasoning is so convoluted, alleges no crimes of releasing classified or Top Secret information and must be seen here. (Source)

James O’Keefe, Conservative Activist, Has Released CNN Tapes: More to follow.

edward-snowden-automated-his-nsa-file-download-with-a-tool-similar-to-googles-web-crawlerWhen our government has been involved in continual criminal active as it has in the last eight-year administration, those blowing the whistle must be thought of as heroes, this would go for Edward Snowden as well. 
Snowden is currently under Asylum in Russia.
The Washington Times
Bradford Richardson

February 23, 2017


Conservative sleuth James O’Keefe is ramping up his effort to take down the mainstream media by enlisting the help of ordinary citizens to go undercover and expose wrongdoing in newsrooms around the country

The Project Veritas leader announced he will give $10,000 to anyone who brings him evidence of “corruption, malfeasance and wrongdoing” in the press.

“If you have hidden audio recordings, videotapes or documents inside of a newsroom or media institution, and the material is good enough, I will pay you $10,000,” Mr. O’Keefe says in the video set to be released on Thursday.

The announcement of the award coincides with the first release of the “CNN Tapes” project, for which Project Veritas is uploading 119 hours of audio recordings taken by an anonymous source within the cable network’s Atlanta headquarters.

The audio, which is from 2009, features behind-the-scenes discussions between reporters, producers, and other CNN employees.

Project Veritas says the audio contains evidence that the cable television network endorses a progressive view of journalistic ethics. It also accuses CNN of knowingly misrepresenting polling data in one case.

 After the election of President Trump, Mr. O’Keefe said his next target would be the mainstream media.

Project Veritas has compared its new strategy to the one employed by WikiLeaks.

“We want to become a destination where citizens can come forward, work with us and make a serious impact,” Mr. O’Keefe says in the video.



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crew-2231211So now we have two new headlines, “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: ‘No proof’ Russian intelligence responsible for DNC hack.” (Source)


Who are we to believe, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who have continued to break with news those in government do not want to hear or discuss, or the NYT which is an ultra-left-wing rag suitable for lining the bottom of bird cages in elitist homes or wrapping dead fish?


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says “there is no proof whatsoever” that Russian intelligence is behind the thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee that WikiLeaks released.

 “The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion,” Assange said during an interview with NBC News that will air Monday night on “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.”
(The intelligent speaking with the deaf and blind.)


While three cybersecurity experts told NBC that the DNC emails were hacked by Russian intelligence, Assange stressed that Wikileaks has not disclosed the source of the leak.

“Well there is no proof of that whatsoever.

We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign,” he said in an interview.

Spy Agency Consensus Grows That Russia Hacked D.N.C. – The New York Times.

I’ve made my decision, have you?



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Snowden: US, UK spies ‘want to own your phone’

crew-22312To those questioning whether Edward Snowden is a patriot or a traitor, as yourself theses questions.

Why would a young man do this and then flee to Russia?

Why would he risk his life?

iPhone and Android smart phone applicationWhat was in it for him other than in his mind carrying out an act of heroism?

The Feds may call him a traitor, that’s what they are paid to do.

In my mind his act was heroic, what say you?



By Cory Bennett

October 6, 2015


American and British spy agencies have been aggressively developing tools to hack smartphones, government whistleblower Edward Snowden told BBC’s “Panorama” in an interview aired Monday night.

But intelligence officials aren’t necessarily interested in monitoring private communications on the phone.

They want to use the device to take photos or eavesdrop.
“They want to own your phone instead of you,” Snowden insisted.

And smart phone owners have “very little” they can do to stop these officials from cracking their device.

For the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British digital spy agency, all it takes is a well-placed encrypted text message to get into the smart phone it wants to manipulate.

The message is even invisible to the user, making it extraordinarily difficult to not succumb to the hack.

The entire article below.

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