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Can’t we just all get along?

By Jim Campbell January 4th, 2019 For those who may have forgotten, Portland, Oregon was home to the most serious and dangerous Anti-Fa riots in the country.     Of course they were funded by George Soros. (Source) Was the … Continue reading

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The sounds and smell of desperation

Jim Campbell November 3rd, 2018 As the media is trying to force upon the country that Democrats will be taking the House of Representatives in three-days you have just been tagged with an alternative reality.   I got my crack … Continue reading

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Judge Jeanine blows the entire house of cards down

Comment by Jim Campbell July  19th, 2018 Maxine Waters is a loud mouthed black woman who must be removed from the House of Representatives. In reality she is a race baiting, racist who amounts to nothing more that a pimple … Continue reading

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As the Clock Turns so do the wheels of Lunacy

By Jim Campbell April 18, 2018 You can’t have it both ways so make up your minds.  As black students at universities across the country clamor for separate housing facilities and dining facilities. (Source) what’s next all McDonald’s nationwide will … Continue reading

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Restaurant charges white customers more than people of colour to challenge racial wealth disparity

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By Jim Campbell March 11, 2018 Could you pass this test? The amount of guilt I feel over being born white can not be calculated. Nope I was born to white parents who had two kids and we lived in … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters: ‘Trump is a racist for questioning my I.Q.’

By Jim Campbell March 7th, 2028 Actually, Waters is the racist for bring it up. Here career has been one of failed legislation while she plays the race card following her mentor, Obama in doing everything she possible can to … Continue reading

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Skin Color and Sports: It’s Not 1947 Anymore

By Jim Campbell February 29th, 2018 No article about professional basketball can be complete even when comparing franchises that leaves out one of the greatest players in NBA History, M.J.     After another devastating Laker loss, this time in … Continue reading

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“Shut Up,” They Explained

By Jim Campbell February 22, 2018   Many years ago, Laura Ingraham politely advised Barbra Streisand, “Shut Up And Sing!”  No one, not a soul, accused Laura of being anti-Semitic or anti-songbird. But, as you know, Ingraham crossed some strange … Continue reading

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Draining the Swamp at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  Elizabeth Warren is so far left that she scares members of her own party. (Source) We the people have suffered through 8 years of lies and deceit during Obama’s attempted coup on America. We don’t need another liar with … Continue reading

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This is certainly no reason to resign !

When I first became aware of this situation my immediate reaction was that Dr. Gorka had been fired. Apparently, this was the case as the ever politically correct Republicans on team trump couldn’t handle the heat from the kitchen. Perhaps … Continue reading

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