Trump era ‘darkest political moment’ in history: Get serious!

Would we expect anything less from a Marxist/ commie sympathizer and an acolyte of Chairman Mao?


Phil Donahue spent the majority of his life  with his head where the “Sun don’t shine, trying to appear professorial,” knowing far less than most college professors about how capitalism works.


In the interview below, Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman, (Source) hands the fraud his hat in a two-minute Q&A with a smile on his face while Donahue buried himself deeper with his questions.

Perhaps Donahue should pick of a copy of Friedman’s. “Free to Choose.”


“The darkest political moment in history?”

Perhaps he forgot about the Civil War, WWI, Korea, WW II The Great Depression,Vietnam, our current attempts at forcing democracy on the towel heads and rug flyers in the Middle East and Africa.

I didn’t think it possible, but Donahue makes Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and the progressives on the left, especially the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, seem somewhat normal.  (Source)


But at least he’s not a racist. LOL

Sorry with the CNN video, but he refused an invitation to go on Fox News.

In a typhoon, Donahue would be the last person to know it was raining.

As he opines about the number of people that follow President Trump and believe in him he forgets that the more recent period in U.S. History were the eight years of destructive rule by Barack Obama. 

July 15, 2017

Former talk-show host Phil Donahue on Saturday reflected on President Trump’s administration, calling it “the darkest political moment in American history.”

“This is the darkest political moment in American history,” Donahue said on MSNBC Saturday.

“Who’s going to argue that?”

ME and any number of sane people in our country.

Donahue’s show “The  Donahue Show” ran for 29 years with nearly 7,000 episodes.

It’s quite interesting that he had any viewers for that long, but their have always been Democrat “Couch Potatoes.”)

He hosted Trump on the show multiple times.

“I thought he was a hot dog,” Donahue said reflecting on past interviews with Trump.

“He collected celebrities and made a lot of noise and got his name on a lot of buildings.”

Oddly, Donahue can appear rational.

When asked about whether he thought Trump could be impeached, Donahue said that Trump is too popular and it wouldn’t be a good decision for lawmakers’ popularity.

Donahue compared Trump to Elvis saying his base “will not tolerate criticism” of the president.

“I think it’s too dangerous for a member of Congress to vote for impeachment and upset a significant number of his own constituency,” Donahue explained.

“It’s a third rail he could risk his own re-election.”

“He can shoot a gun down Fifth avenue, right?”

Donahue added, referring to Trump’s past claim.

Apparently he’s not a good judge of why Trump used hyperbole when he was making his run through the primaries. (See link above: “Past Claim.”

Donahue lives in the past and didn’t approach discussing anything relevant to the current Trump Administration.

“All of a sudden we got a crotch-grabber for a President.”

Again, a little late to the dance on the above remark.

Has Donahue been hiding under a rock?






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