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Climate Mob Threatens Trump: ‘Quit Paris and You’re Toast!’

Indeed the United States elected a serious President last year.   Donald J. Trump will never bow to the altar of political correctness and those who support its Marxist ideals.  Ask these fools to provide accurate data for the hoax … Continue reading

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Big shocker: The gun control lobby has collapsed

By Jim Campbell,   The anti-gun, anti Second Amendment progressives and Marxists have seen voters blow them off.   What can they do about it?  Not a damn thing. Dick is right when he says Hillary is barking up the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Islamic Trojan Horse

What is Obama’s real objective in flooding the U.S. with Muslims who he grants asylum?   We believe we know but here is a far better take. Obama is sticking to his squirt guns and plans to destroy America with … Continue reading

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