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Why Progressives Hate America And Want Literally Nothing To Do With Her

By Jim Campbell July 13, 2018 It doesn’t take much of an intellectual leap to figure this one out. Progressives have delusional views about how our country should be run. They are no fans of the United States Constitution and … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters says she’s faced serious increased death threats, cancels two events

By Jim Campbell July 29, 2018 Great news, anything that can keep “Mad Max,” from spewing her toxic vitriol from the print media and airwaves is a good thing. It’s time for much more of this to shut her insanity … Continue reading

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Jump Master School and Meeting My New Lieutenant

By Jim Campbell June 28th, 2018   Special Forces, SEALS, Marine Recon, Rangers and SWOF’s are a special type of individual. They are willing to daily, when duty calls, put their lives on the line so that the rest of … Continue reading

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What if Gen. Flynn didn’t lie?

By Jim Campbell June 21st, 2018   I’ve said from the get go that General Flynn National Security Adviser to the Trump Administration fell on his sword to protect his commander-in-chief. He had every right to find out as much … Continue reading

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