Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” refuse to enter Temple Mount because of metal detectors

Here’s the issue:


The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism, the third holiest site in Islam, and a revered site to Christians. To the Jews it is known as

To the Jews it is known as Har HaMoriyah (“Mount Moriah”) and Har HaBayit (“Temple Mount”); to Muslims, it is known as Haram el Sharif (“the Sacred Noble Sanctuary”). In the Bible, it is also called Mount Zion.


(In the Bible it is also called Mount Zion (Psalm 48:2; Isaiah 4:5).

Because of its importance to three major religions, its ownership has been hotly contested for nearly two thousand years.

Today the Temple Mount is under the control of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, a trust that was established in 1187 to manage the Islamic structures in Jerusalem.

Under their current rules, access to the holy sites is prohibited to all non-Muslims.

This is nothing new, the video below was taken from Muslim site from October 2, 2012, of Muslims harassing Jews peacefully visiting the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest spot. 

The You Tube site is filled with numerous incidences of this type of harassment.  (Source)

Are Muslims happy anywhere?


It sucks to be a Muslim, but they are too ignorant to know it.




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