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A Black Sergeant Brings Obama and Black Lives Matter to Justice: Files Law Suit

No matter what metric is being used, Barack Hussein Obama has been an abysmal failure with the exception of one.He has been the great divider, be it by religion, socioeconomic or economic. Do black lives really matter? Not when they … Continue reading

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Soros Ballot-Stuffing Backfires

The Left gets rebuffed in Virginia — but its malicious assault against electoral integrity ensues.   Obama ally Gorge Soros, a radical speculator and Hillary Clinton donor, has tried for years to undermine the sanctity of the ballot box in … Continue reading

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Anti-Americanism is the Foreign Policy of Fools

There are so many great things about America, that the progressives who don’t like it must be invited to leave the country.   After all, there is no constitutional amendment keeping them here.    Lena Dunham, Samuel L. Jackson, Miley … Continue reading

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Arrest George Soros

He has spent an estimated $7 billion or more on giving left-wing groups the resources to screw up the country.    He has used his vast fortune to topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. (Source) The name Dr. … Continue reading

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Why Israeli Jews are Conservative and American Jews are Leftist

The Modern Liberal is, of course, wrong.    In fact, he is as wrong as wrong can be. First, they are wrong to believe that a nation without values will keep the Jews safe. In fact, a nation without values … Continue reading

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Can the Left Learn to Love ISIS?

This should require no adjustment what so ever.   The hard left progressives in this country would lead us into communism if it were a workable model.     We have zero leadership coming from the White House. The Russians … Continue reading

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Fuck Ben Carson

It will be impossible to find a deeper level of low life tripe spewed from the venomous left when they realize their submarine has been torpedoed. It’s clear that the editorial staff at G.Q. has little concern for its readership … Continue reading

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