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How Dem insiders rank the 2020 presidential contenders

How nice of the party on the left for sharing their delusions with on who the believe would be capable of running the highest office in the land. Their bench is so bereft of talent, they can’t find a dug … Continue reading

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There is no longer room for white racists, and bigots in America

By Jim Campbell August 11, 2017 Clearly, there is no longer any room for whites to be considered racists or bigots. The progressive blacks in our country have cornered the market. In fact, there are more of these black assholes … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Appeals Court Upholds ‘Concealed Carry’ Restrictions

The decisions of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal are the most often over turned by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. (Source) The ruling yesterday in California says Americans have no guaranteed right to carry concealed … Continue reading

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