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The Trump Doctrine and the Generals

Comment by Jim Campbell January 11th, 2019 President Trump needs to leave war fighting to his generals while he oversees the economic running of our country. He surrounds himself with economists to accomplish these tasks, would it make any sense … Continue reading

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Trump administration prepares for massive shake-up after midterms

Comment by Jim Campbell November 5th, 2018 It is not at all unusual for major changes in the White House Staff to occur following a mid-term election. Most of what is written below is likely conjecture until we see who … Continue reading

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Americans may actually support nuking North Korea First

With each passing day, the possibility of open warfare breaking out seems to increase as each side ups the ante.   Remember, each time you read the word “May,” in a title or a sentence it has no more validity … Continue reading

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Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

There may be a missing part of the puzzle that is being kept from us. Or many missing pieces for that matter. UPDATE: Jim Mattis warns North Korea against actions that ‘would lead to the end of its regime’: What … Continue reading

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Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ plan to end liberal whining

Anonymous Edited by Jim Campbell   For U.S. Distribution January 31, 2016 A female liberal protester wrote a lot of letters to the Department of Defense, complaining about the treatment of captive insurgents as well at President Trumps recently issued … Continue reading

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16 best quotes from the retiring Gen. James Mattis

Penetrating discussion with Marine Gen. James, “Maddog” Mattis.   It would be difficult to fathom that there are many available who would be superior. About General James N Mattis Bio Gen. Mattis has commanded at multiple levels.     As … Continue reading

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