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Leftist D.C. District Court Judge Amy Berman revokes Manafort’s bail and sends in to prison

By Jim Campbell July 9th, 2018 One nation has two sets of laws. One for the left. Another for everyone else.     Look no further than the Clinton’s and how they have worked the system as our entire system … Continue reading

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The Problem with ‘Lock Them Up’ Politics

A premise of Criminal Law suggests that if found guilty by a jury of his or her peers, those found guilty will be sent to prison.   Said differently, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do they crime. This … Continue reading

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Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Can’t Avoid Indictment in Email Scandal

Is it probable that so many people in the “Know,” will be wrong?   This site has said for the last eight months that Hillary will be going down and will not likely be standing should there be an opportunity … Continue reading

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