Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began Senate confirmation hearings today: Predictably Entertaining

By Jim Campbell


March 20, 2016



Predictably while members from each side of the aisle on the Senate Judiciary emphasized the need for impartiality the majority of the time spent in today’s opening hearing was spent contradicting their own positions with a great deal of individual grandstanding, no matter the party. 


Speaking of grandstanding, Senator Lyndsey Graham, (R-SC) repeatedly slapped himself on the back for voting for leftist Supreme Court Justices, Kagan, (Source) and Sotomayor. (Source)


Is this something he should be proud?

After all, when each in their Senate Justice Department hearings was asked about the Second Amendment, they said, Heller was case law and settled by the Supreme Court.

Each time their Anti-Second Amendment members of congress brought up additional attacks on the Constitutional Right to bear arms, they voted with them. (Source)

It should come as no surprise that those on the left focused on L.G.B.T. rights, birth control, feigned indignation about contributing to political campaigns and abortion while those on the right were concerned about the strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution as written, including the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

By in large, we were treated to a proverbial dog and pony show without the aforementioned animals with more sawdust being created than a lumber yard preparing to provide the wood for a two thousand unit condominium development.


The sad part, the taxpayer was forced to pay for this charade, the cost be damned. 

The leftists whined about President Donald Trump as though he were up for nomination.

In addition, they could not get over the fact Senate Judiciary Committee did not entertain Obama’s nomination, in Justice Merrick Garland, no doubt an equally excellent choice.

The Garland Precedent Should Not Stop Gorsuch (Source)

The democrat’s also repeatedly called the denial of  Justice Garland a “Constitutional Crisis?

Was it or were they feeding us another load of you know what?

PBS must be complimented for its coverage of the event, notably when Minnesota Senator, Al Franken was speaking his face was not show.

In reality, Senator Franken made some important points.

They repeatedly attacked the “Hobby Lobby,” decision in which the Supreme Court held that an employer with religious beliefs could not be forced to pay for a woman’s birth control.

What’s that all about?  I don’t recall the government paying for my contraception or my lady friend at the time.

Perhaps, most important, Justice Gorsuch received a unanimous vote in favor for his current position on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

By a unanimous voice vote, the entire U.S. Senate approved Justice Gorsuch to the bench.

What could have possibly happened since then?

Absolutely nothing but rank hypocrisy displayed by the liberal senators.

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s opinions were upheld 97% of the time by the U.S. Supreme Court while he voted 99% of the time with the majority opinion.

Is this the voting record a justice likely to go rogue?




More smoke and mirrors, tomorrow and the next day!



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