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Why The Left Flip-Flopped on Free Speech

  By Jim Campbell July 3rd, 2018 In a remarkably honest exposé, the New York Times acknowledged Saturday that “liberals who once championed expansive First Amendment rights are now uneasy about them” ever since conservatives realized they should apply to them … Continue reading

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Dianne Feinstein Does Not Support Free Speech on College Campuses

In a Senate hearing that took place this week, Senator Diane Feinstein defended the right of public universities to cancel controversial speaking events when they may lead to violence on campus.   Could Dianne Feinstein be any more disingenuous? Little … Continue reading

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How Conservative “Hate Speech” Makes Our Campus Safer

Funny, I was just thinking about this when Starbeam sent me the article.   Yes, politically correct speech is running rampant on college and university campus’. But what if parent’s refused to pay their little darlings, room, board, and tuition … Continue reading

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Louder with Crowder MEDIA BIAS: Trump vs. Hillary Coverage

There is no way I can top Steve on this one, it’s a complete bust up and all true. Get ready to laugh.   Louder with Crowder Courtney Kirchoff   November 1, 2016 The media is biased. Donald Trump has … Continue reading

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What European Muslims’ Attack On Speech Is Really About

“Clash of civilizations,” some say. Others call it the “failure of multiculturalism.”   Either way, the cultural conflicts between some Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide continue to play out as Western countries struggle to reconcile their own cultures with the demands … Continue reading

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The Sordid Origin of Hate-Speech Laws

The introduction of hate-speech prohibitions into international law was championed in its heyday by the Soviet Union and allies.   Their motive was readily apparent.   The communist countries sought to exploit such laws to limit free speech. Problematically, who … Continue reading

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A presentation most Americans would have payed to attend

Not to worry, being a member of this site just bought you a ticket in the “Front Row”   After clearing the auditorium of those who were incapable of listening to Ben Shapario, Breitbart editor take on the administration at … Continue reading

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So God Made A Liberal And Things That Make Them Cry

By Jim Campbell,   This of course is absolutely true.  It’s an oldie but a goody but certainly worth the minute to watch.   These fools are destroying our country. This humor is being provided as a public service to … Continue reading

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Obama’s VA Facility Bans ‘Merry Christmas’

He just did what?   Another violation of the first Amendment by the interplanetary violator of the U.S. Constitution.  Barack Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs has banned employees at its facility in Salem, Virginia, from saying “Merry Christmas” to veterans. Christmas … Continue reading

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