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EPA to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan on Tuesday

Knowing that the so-called “Man Caused Climate Change,” would never stand up scientific studies that would meet peer review scrutiny, (They can’t). On the upside we have useless legislation about to be repealed while at the same time the probability … Continue reading

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Are Trump’s policies draining the swamp?

When is being stuck in the swamp a good thing? When the phrase is used as in this article to identify unneeded positions as well as those positions that could be done better in the private sector. Of course the … Continue reading

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It’s time for all out war with the Environmental Protection Agency

Let’s be clear, Republicans want clean air, water and the best environment possible.   They don’t want it based on junk science put forth by political hacks.   Many agencies within the federal government need a complete house cleaning. An … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina: EPA Regulations ‘Will Destroy Livelihoods’

A Carly Fiorina presidency will see one that rids itself from the current crop of unelected environmental zealots only to   have them replaced with a team that would view industry, job creation and the environment all together. Not the … Continue reading

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