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Why the U.S. Needs Bernie Sanders for President

With Bernie Sanders as President, the White House would remain vacant, as vacant as his mind and his plans to return America to its former greatness.   He would likely live in the dregs of a D.C. ghetto in an … Continue reading

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Who Is George Soros?

I’ve been following George Soros since the first day his evil demonic ways made it to my radar screen.   The PolitiChicks and Dr. Condor have done an excellent job of profiling him without delving into what a narcissistic evil … Continue reading

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Obama’s Mousetraps and Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Obama is little more than a Muslim/Marxist Poser and a delusional one at that.   He has figured out one thing with certainty, he will never enslave “We the People,” as along as we are armed. It’s also said with … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning v. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera’s reporter has mastered the truth as the left in our country knows it.   It’s very simple, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth,” attributed to Hitler, Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, and Joseph … Continue reading

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What is Ideology?

Dr. Sarah Condor does an excellent job explaining the concept of “Ideology.”   In doing so, as it pertains to Islam, she failed to discuss the concept of brainwashing. As it pertains to Islam, how many Muslims would willfully have … Continue reading

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THE RISE OF FACTIONS: What is “Social” Democracy?

 Clearly the author, Dr. Sarah Condor has the right credentials to enlighten us on this issue.     Sarah P. Condor-Fisher, Ph.D., Esq., LL.M. grew up in communist Czechoslovakia. When she was 17, she was apprehended crossing the border, cross-interrogated … Continue reading

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Shifting the blame while shifting the target

Hillary Clinton has always been the consummate liar, no mater what the topic or phase of the moon.   It’s clearly a personality defect over which she has no control. As stated previously, it’s called in psychological circles, Pseudologia fantastica, … Continue reading

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