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Draining the Swamp at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  Elizabeth Warren is so far left that she scares members of her own party. (Source) We the people have suffered through 8 years of lies and deceit during Obama’s attempted coup on America. We don’t need another liar with … Continue reading

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The Lawyer The Doctor and The Financial Planner Honor their Father’s Last Request

H/T from my good buddy, Don Horn, former quarterback for the Green bay Packers.     A father told each of his 3 sons when he sent them off to college, “I feel it’s my duty to provide you with … Continue reading

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Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit ‘All U.S. Bases’

For their part, Iran hasn’t spent billions on the undertaking not to use it, and it’s just a matter of when. President Trump and his military would do well to strike with conventional using B-1-and B-2 Bombers with Bunker busting … Continue reading

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One way or the other she’s going to get ya

By Jim Campbell November 3, 2017 It’s too bad it couldn’t have been the other way around. Donna Brazile, former chair of the DNC wrote a tell-all book and for that, it seems she got whacked.   Those who have … Continue reading

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Why I won’t be moving to Chicago anytime soon

I’ve been there a number of times to watch the Dodgers and Cubs play baseball, it’s a nice place but I can find no compelling reason to go back. Wrigley field is safe because baseball crosses socio-economic status and any … Continue reading

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The Complete Antifa Starter Kit

  The members of Antifa are among the most confused individuals allowed to carry on their malevolent acts with little or no contact with the police. The police in the link above were clearly over their heads, as far as … Continue reading

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DHS Blows $5 Mil on Polygraphs for “Unsuitable” Job Applicants Who Admit Criminal Acts, Drug Use

At this point, what difference does it make, Hillary? Money sent to the federal government is a 90-10% split. That means for every dollar confiscated by the federal government through the IRS, 10% goes for the intended use, while the … Continue reading

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