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Democratic Socialists of America is a Communist Organization

Comment by Jim Campbell August 17, 2018 The unspoken goal of all economic systems including capitalism is control of the people. Communism is a failed economic system. Where it still clings, China, parts of Eastern Europe and Russia, it does … Continue reading

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Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan: A Muslim Convert who backed communism

Comment by Jim Campbell July 19, 2018 Obama’s  former CIA Director John Brennan was little more than a communist dupe. It defies credibility that he didn’t have his fingers in the Iran Nuke arrangement. (Source)     He was also … Continue reading

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Propaganda, Brand Marketing, & Guerrilla Movements

Comment by Jim Campbell July 20th, 2018   It’s true, we have found a person perhaps not quite as evil as Hillary Clinton, but then again  she just got her training wheels. In the video below she is well spoken … Continue reading

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Bring Down Leftist Foundations Like the Mafia

Bringing down George Soros is a no-brainer. Henry Ford,  a Democrat while alive was nothing like today’s progressives. Ford, of course, is dead, so he can’t be prosecuted. The Foundation set up in his name won’t be touched. Front Page … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Chicago flies school students to Cuba for May Day

This is a good thing.   These fools, Marxist sympathizers, and those too young to have a clue, at least they didn’t cause havoc on American streets. They will be brainwashed with anti-USA propaganda while they’re working under the hot … Continue reading

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The Rationing Society

The real goal of power is always power.   Consolidating production allows for total control through the moral argument of rationing, whether through resource redistribution or cap-and-trade. The politicians of a rationing society may blather on endlessly about increasing production, … Continue reading

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Progressivism: Non-Falsifiable

Progressivism—leftism, socialism, communism, etc.—is non-falsifiable.  Progressive philosophy, policies, thinking, everything even remotely associated with progressivism, is perfect. It is perfect because it is dreamed up by the self-imagined elite, people who, by virtue of where they went to college, their … Continue reading

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Obama Plans to Rule America From Outside the White House

Obama and his failed party are often thought of as bringing Socialism to America. That is patently false as it has been with us for decades. They turned the the old democrat party upside down and left us with full-blown … Continue reading

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Has the Twilight Zone Episode “The Obsolete Man” (Almost) Come True?

Stunningly similar?   Exactly what is it we can do that isn’t controlled by the government at some level. Of course we can start with the federal income tax, and all other burdens the federal government has foisted upon us. … Continue reading

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Obama says Donald Trump doesn’t represent populism

By Jim Campbell,   Give me a huge break here Toby, everything he  just said in the teleprompter driven speech in the video below, is false.  The only thing he left out was racism and being divisive. Obama is a … Continue reading

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