Lone Wolves and Other Animals

Clearly. the progressive left and those who believe they govern us will never understand how dangerous essentially fighting against President Trumps Wall is.
By their nature, they could care less.
The left and radical jihadists have a great deal in common.
Totalitarian in their ideology, many agree that terrorist organizations are not that band.
Compared with having to pretend these fools are our masters may indeed be worse.
Today is bitch slap a progressive yo-yo day.
Start early make an entire day of it!
By: BillOReilly.com
March 23, 2017
By now you probably know about the savage rape in Rockville, Maryland, where a young girl was brutalized by two men who are in this country illegally. As one newspaper described it, ‘they took turns raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom.
‘ Does it get any lower, any more despicable?

We say ‘you probably know’ about the story because it was largely ignored by every network this side of Fox News.

It is truly a shameful chapter in ‘journalism’ when a crime is disregarded, perhaps because it buttresses President Trump’s warnings about illegal immigration.

Want to know the worst of it? CNN did manage to mention the case on its website, only to say that the debate over the alleged rapist is ‘moot.’ Yes, CNN went out of its way to defend the school district and downplay the crime.

And the 14-year-old victim, whose life has been changed forever? Well, never mind about her.

If you want to know one harsh truth about the case, you’d have to turn to, of all places, Univision.

An immigration attorney named Joseph Malouf explained that the prime suspect, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez, was allowed into the USA because of policies promoted by the Obama administration.
Sanchez was nabbed at the Mexican border seven months ago and released with nothing more than an order to appear before an immigration judge.
The lawyer Malouf was asked how things would be different under a Trump administration.
His revealing reply: ‘They would have arrested Mr. Sanchez and they would have detained him, and eventually he would have been deported.’

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Civil Servants…or Uncivil Masters?

crew-2231211Seriously, have you EVER had an encounter with anyone at any level of government help you and you came away feeling good about it?

Most government jobs could be better accomplished in the private sector.


Doing so would dramatically lower our deficit over time as these Klingons would be paid retirement and health care benefits in a market driven economy.

Within the government it’s virtually impossible to get fired, employees have zero incentive to do a great job with a happy face.


Bill O’Reilly

Bill Oreilly.com

February 16, 2016


America’s largest employer?

That would be the federal government, which has something like 2.7-million civilians in its workforce.

Whether that is too many or too few is a matter for some future debate, but right now there can be no debate about one very troubling fact.

An awful lot of those federal workers, especially at some very powerful agencies, absolutely despise their new boss.

Let’s just say they never boarded the Trump Train and some are now laying on the tracks.

It’s not just the big guy they don’t like, it’s also the men and women he has picked to lead federal departments.




Imagine being Betsy DeVos, brand new on the job at the Department of Education.

How many in her top staff are truly eager to help this woman, a longtime proponent of giving parents more school choice?

She made things worse this week, at least within her own department, by vowing to search for ways to cut unnecessary programs.

Secretary DeVos obviously skipped the chapter in the bureaucrat’s manual that says department heads are supposed to find new programs to fund, not do away with old ones!

scott-pruittThen there’s Scott Pruitt, nominated to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

As attorney general of Oklahoma, he was a party to more than a dozen lawsuits against the EPA. Pruitt worries about the agency’s vast overreach and, even worse, he doesn’t lose any sleep over ‘climate change,’ a holy crusade in the religion of environmentalism.

If Pruitt is confirmed, do you suppose that a lot of EPA staffers will be enthusiastic about carrying out his priorities?In fact, some EPA scientists have reportedly begun plotting ways to impede new environmental orders.

It’s not hyperbole to contend that some federal bureaucrats are actively engaged in a mutiny, with President Trump in the unenviable role of Captain Bligh.

One government worker, who of course chose to remain anonymous, vowed to resist President Trump at every step along the way, proclaiming that the president ‘ain’t the boss of me.’

He might want to catch a quick grammar lesson from Betsy DeVos.


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I attended the “Who Want’s to be President” 2016 Tour with Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller

crew-22312By Jim Campbell,


There can be little doubt the when Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly get together they are today version of Cheech and Chong, without the torpedo sandwich sized joints.



They are both amazing comedians, each capable of playing the straight man or the funny guy as the lines seemingly flow from their heads.



For his part, Miller is an amazing wordsmith with machine gun like wit capable of diagnosing the world ills and fixing them in one floating train of thought.

With their eyes locked on the 2016 election cycle, Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller continue their wildly successful U.S. tour.

A beside the scenes look at an earlier tour in the clip below.


19366733-largeThis time around, they want to know — Who Wants to Be President?
With their unique mix of political commentary and good-natured humor, in addition to the duo’s great rapport, this is one show you do not want to miss.

By O’Reilly’s admission Miller is likely to show up stoned on something.

Miller camp up with a plausible solution for ending the wars in the Middle East and Africa.

His idea, deal with each country in a game of hop scotch.

Never attack the country committing the atrocity of the week, but bomb the shit out of its neighbor.

Eventually the towel heads will get the drill and begin to realize if we run amok we have no idea who will be ground pounded next.

May as well go with Miller’s idea, nothing under Obama has worked.

Miller could not hold his disdain for Hillary, ripping her at every possible chance.

For his part, O’Reilly played the role of the objective news analyst hoping Hillary will come on Fox for another interview.

Why bother Bill?

Whatever she says will be lies and playing you like a base fiddle.


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O’Reilly Has the Guts to Point the Finger Where It Belongs

crew-22312Do they? 


They remind me of the Sunni and Shia continually killing themselves because of their different visions of Islam.

Then why do they keep shooting themselves?

black-lives-matter-lol1Note, the killings happen in Democrat controlled, cities, county’s and states.

The deaths are the result of Democrat policy which believes in keeping blacks uneducated so they will vote for Democrat politicians who will promise them something for nothing.

Sadly for them that doesn’t happen in the real world among educated people with jobs who live in Red States.

Did 70 more blacks murdered in Baltimore show that black lives matter?black_lives_matter_billboard

I’m not what one would call a big time supporter of Mr. O’Reilly, at times I find him entertaining but this time he proves even a blind squirrel can even find an acorn in a snow storm.oreillyx-largeFront Page Magazine


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

When do black lives matter? When white people take them. 

That’s the theme of #BlackLivesMatter, a racist movement which claims to care about black lives, but actually helps take them by weakening the police officers who are the only thing standing between armed gang members and black urban residents. 

Bill O’Reilly’s willingness to take on #BlackLivesMatter’s greatest hypocrisy, its lack of concern for the victims of black crime as it not only ignores them, but enables their killers, is important.

#BlackLivesMatter claims that police shootings are black genocide.

The closest things to black genocide can be found in Planned Parenthood and prison.

The lawyer who helps put criminals back on the street is responsible for more black deaths than an entire police department. 

As O’Reilly pointed out, black lives can best be saved in Chicago by “flooding the zone with officers and stopping the madness.

Yet those people will not do that, because they’re only interested in condemning white society. That’s all.”

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