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Shutting You Down: Facebook’s Jeff Zuckerberg’s Attempt To Trample on the First Amendment

By Jim Campbell March 23, 2018 Congratulations to Mr. Zuckerberg for coming up with coming up with a business model that allowed him to make millions. For the most part, those who hang out and comment there are among those … Continue reading

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An American Coup D’état

By Jim Campbell March 1st, 2018 As he typically does, Mr. O’Reilly nailed this one. The story of our time is the coup d’état that is being planned in this country. Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?  Obama knows exactly what he is … Continue reading

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Insanity Insanity: Who is sane and who isn’t? Have you heard the one about the clinically insane commander-in-chief?

Evidently the esteemed Dr.Bandy Lee has never heard of the “Goldwater Rule,” which was enacted by the American Psychiatric Association after scores of shrinks questioned the sanity of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.  According to that edict, it is unethical … Continue reading

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Lone Wolves and Other Animals

Clearly. the progressive left and those who believe they govern us will never understand how dangerous essentially fighting against President Trumps Wall is. By their nature, they could care less. The left and radical jihadists have a great deal in … Continue reading

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Civil Servants…or Uncivil Masters?

Seriously, have you EVER had an encounter with anyone at any level of government help you and you came away feeling good about it? Most government jobs could be better accomplished in the private sector. Doing so would dramatically lower … Continue reading

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I attended the “Who Want’s to be President” 2016 Tour with Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller

By Jim Campbell,   There can be little doubt the when Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly get together they are today version of Cheech and Chong, without the torpedo sandwich sized joints.   They are both amazing comedians, each capable … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Has the Guts to Point the Finger Where It Belongs

Do they?    They remind me of the Sunni and Shia continually killing themselves because of their different visions of Islam. Then why do they keep shooting themselves? Note, the killings happen in Democrat controlled, cities, county’s and states. The … Continue reading

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