John Stossel attempts to get a CCW in New York

New York is the home on lunatic politicians who for the most part are in capable of tying their own shoes.
The videos below demonstrate how clearly FUBAR their system is and why it’s time for CCW reciprocity.
The second video is completely mind boggling.
As a CCW holder I find the entire process to be a con job and way for the government and others to make money.
Why should the law abiding citizen go through this process when the criminals who lurk among us don’t?
I have found the classes every two year from my CCW Training Instructor, Greg Brock with his “Fire Arms Training Adademy,” most informative on keeping up to date on current CA. Gun Law. (Source).

Yep, we have music for that. (Source)


Stossel interviews Patricia Jordan and Avi Wolf, who were arrested at the airport. Patricia had tried to declare her gun, which was unloaded and in a TSA-approved case.

Avi was trying to declare an empty gun magazine–essentially a piece of metal with a spring in it.

For their effort they spent a day in jail. They were threatened with three years and six months in jail–the mandatory minimum for having a gun in New York.

They spent months worrying about how to beat the charge.

Each spent more than $15,000 in legal bills.



In its battle against guns, New York City traumatizes law-abiding gun owners who pass through New York and its airports with guns.

One man was even arrested for traveling with an empty magazine.

Bills have been filed in both chambers of Congress to make gun permits valid in all states, which would prevent cases like these.