Civil Servants…or Uncivil Masters?

crew-2231211Seriously, have you EVER had an encounter with anyone at any level of government help you and you came away feeling good about it?

Most government jobs could be better accomplished in the private sector.


Doing so would dramatically lower our deficit over time as these Klingons would be paid retirement and health care benefits in a market driven economy.

Within the government it’s virtually impossible to get fired, employees have zero incentive to do a great job with a happy face.


Bill O’Reilly


February 16, 2016


America’s largest employer?

That would be the federal government, which has something like 2.7-million civilians in its workforce.

Whether that is too many or too few is a matter for some future debate, but right now there can be no debate about one very troubling fact.

An awful lot of those federal workers, especially at some very powerful agencies, absolutely despise their new boss.

Let’s just say they never boarded the Trump Train and some are now laying on the tracks.

It’s not just the big guy they don’t like, it’s also the men and women he has picked to lead federal departments.




Imagine being Betsy DeVos, brand new on the job at the Department of Education.

How many in her top staff are truly eager to help this woman, a longtime proponent of giving parents more school choice?

She made things worse this week, at least within her own department, by vowing to search for ways to cut unnecessary programs.

Secretary DeVos obviously skipped the chapter in the bureaucrat’s manual that says department heads are supposed to find new programs to fund, not do away with old ones!

scott-pruittThen there’s Scott Pruitt, nominated to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

As attorney general of Oklahoma, he was a party to more than a dozen lawsuits against the EPA. Pruitt worries about the agency’s vast overreach and, even worse, he doesn’t lose any sleep over ‘climate change,’ a holy crusade in the religion of environmentalism.

If Pruitt is confirmed, do you suppose that a lot of EPA staffers will be enthusiastic about carrying out his priorities?In fact, some EPA scientists have reportedly begun plotting ways to impede new environmental orders.

It’s not hyperbole to contend that some federal bureaucrats are actively engaged in a mutiny, with President Trump in the unenviable role of Captain Bligh.

One government worker, who of course chose to remain anonymous, vowed to resist President Trump at every step along the way, proclaiming that the president ‘ain’t the boss of me.’

He might want to catch a quick grammar lesson from Betsy DeVos.


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