Some Questions for Bill Gates that Gates Refused to Answer

By Jim Campbell

September 22, 2020

Yep, the guy who never graduated from college got beyond tongue tied when asked to reply to the cheerful questions by Paul Joseph Watson below, on his predilection for having sex with young children on Epstein’s Island.

He was on the plane’s manifest too many times to count. [Source]

Most readers at this site would agree that Watson must be issued a green card so that he can come and go to the U.S. as frequently as possible.

Soon, Google will de-platform his work for telling the truth and he could make additional monies lecturing across our fruited planes. [Especially in San Francisco]


It’s true, he is a paid in full member of the NWO population control psychosis.

Bill Gates is reportedly the largest farmland owner in America.

He’s not buying it because he is planning on starving, but it’s certainly O.K. if we do.

Bill Gates worst fear?

This is America’s “Heartland,” folks, Trump Country.

Could it be he plans to starve innocent people in the Midwest?

A prudent person would not bet against that concept.


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