Scientific Fact: 100% of all scientists agree

By Jim Campbell

September 7th, 2021

In case you don’t look at the images on the side board.

Note I didn’t use the word experts as that would bring an entirely new meaning to the scenario.

Also, we should never forget the lessons of history which CNN is incapable of producing.

In reality if you consider the stories they intentionally don’t cover because it doesn’t agree with Biden’s handlers agenda and their own warped perception of reality the amount of tripe they put out is clearly astounding.

Jim Acosta has already hit bottom as far as being a reporter from CNN is concerned.

Perhaps he should look to the Biden Administration as Secretary of Defense.

The interchange below is too classic to miss. Enjoy.

I remember this scene well, in live action President Trump asked Jim Acosta to let him run the country while he goes back and continues to destroy CNN.


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3 Responses to Scientific Fact: 100% of all scientists agree

  1. Annie says:

    Ain’t that the truth, and it also applies to cats, where I have many of my own and I rescue the strays, and I see them doing this all the time, and in thinking…YUCK! These stinkers!


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