Kamala, America Just Ain’t Feeling It

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 31st 2021

We don’t follow polls at this site as they are not that useful.

Common sense would dictate in a comparison between the items listed below,

Indeed: Willey Mays wasn’t the only one who was a favorite in the bay area, can’t forget Willie Brown who taught her the art of the back stroke while she was married.

A Classic: The Catch by Willey Mays

“Camela,” she would come in behind the bubonic plague, anthrax poisoning, termite infestation in your new all wood house, and unpredictable bouts of flatulence, which befalls her buddy over in the House of Representatives, Jerold Nadler.

She’s polling just slightly ahead of Tree Fungus….. but not because she’s as unlikeable and unappealing as any democrat since that Clinton Woman……or because she couldn’t out primary a loony Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson. 

It has nothing to do with the angry black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act……or the cackling creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.

Or anything really to do with her indifference to the violation of constitutional rights.  But it all certainly doesn’t help.



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5 Responses to Kamala, America Just Ain’t Feeling It

  1. Donna Brown says:

    “Laughing” °§`~©°¿°~`©`~°””””
    Yep, she’s ahead of all!
    More like the H of Babylon!


  2. Annie says:

    Biden’s White House turned Black with corruption, lying, money laundering, whores, and power hungry greedy men and women who all need to be arrested and charged for treason in being traitors and court martialed and executed. That will eliminate quite a lot of diseases right there. Why isn’t this Biden A-hole arrested yet for high treason against humanity? I would love to take this pus-filled moron along with all of his worthless corruptible and murderous followers and have them bare down to only their underwear, strap on with a parachute, and since they all love to take advantage of our tax monies in flying on their expensive vacations, I would send all their Asses to Antarctica and toss them out. They all will be quite frozen by the time they reach HELL with a quick thaw-out of extensive inhumane heat. Or better yet, the Lut Desert in Iran which is one of the hottest deserts on earth, and without any water to roast their decaying bones of evilness. Either one sounds most intriguing to me to rid our country of these types of evil-doers who are always preying on our country in trying to control with massive destruction and murder.


    • JCscuba says:

      Don’t hold back my lovely. My guess is that leftists don’t turn on their own. Thanks for your comments. Biden needs to be compressed into a can full of smashed assholes, hows that for a visual? The assholes will be provided by Pelosi’s followers, Nadler not included, still looking for a 400 gallon barrel to put that fat fuck.


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