Who in reality came to the aid of all U.S. Embassy Civilians and Those who helped America in Afghanistan

By Jim Campbell

August 25th, 2021

Prince advised the White House to privatize the Afghan war using mercenaries during the Trump administration and of course to the Biden Administration.

He funded the operation himself, he used his own operators paid them and aircraft, something the Biden again failed to do.

In the long run it would have been less expensive to handle the situation in this manner.

Pelosi’s leftist led congress voted the idea down and would not fund it.

Of more concern to all of us should be that videos of this hot breaking story was seen by me and others.

Before we could grab it for the article it disappeared.

The White House Punching Bag is throwing stones at Prince’s teams efforts.

I don’t believe in coincidence.

I believe that the current administration had these videos immediately removed or it’s biggest helpers, Google or You Tube did the job for them.

This of course means under the current circumstances we no longer have freedom of the press and freedom of expression, both granted in the United States Bill of rights.

This is a breaking story, I’m not finished with it by any means.

Would those who are trying to kill this story feel this way and vote the same if their loved ones were involved?

Remember that and vote Republican during the upcoming elections.

Our biggest concern at this time is that we have had two more of our liberties stripped from us by an administration and providers of the “So-called news,” that will not stand up under scrutiny in a court of law.

Another problem is that too many of us sit on our butts on our couches watching the new which we can’t do any thing about while the eye of the storm zeros in upon us.

Music: Creedance Clearwater, I feel a bad moon is on the rising.

You have just heard the additional useless remarks from republicans who couldn’t solve this problem if they had to do so.

Does anyone hear severe whining? [Source]


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