They’ve got cooties

By Jim Campbell

August 2nd, 2021

Speaking of cooties, when I was a kid trying to grow up every body was quite concerned over cooties though none of us ever saw one.

They were likely bed bugs, from the admonishment of parents to sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Back in the day mattresses were made of straw, so cranking each corner tight kept the bed bugs away

That is, until now.

Let’s be clear, Pelosi is such a drunk that she likely should not be the speaker of the house.

The problem is, how can you tell when she’s drunk or not drunk when she spends most of her time in Washington saloons keeping her beak wet.

Yep, quote the was likely unquotable and came from the likes of CNN


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3 Responses to They’ve got cooties

  1. Annie says:

    How funny! I’ve enjoyed that a lot in showing Ratatouille rat face Fauci with his drunkard bar friend Pelosi the Whitehouse whore. Oh, what a diseased pair they make, each one having a drunkard ego of power and money. Well they can’t spend their money trying to avoid going to Hell now can they? Which is exactly where they both belong along with the other liberal demorats and BLM freaks.


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