Just a little bit outside

By Jim Campbell

July 30th, 2021

Like Yogi Berra who was also known for his quoted, hitting and catching abilities, non of which Uker shared,

The biggest thrill a ballplayer can have is when your son takes after you.

“That happened when my Bobby was in his championship Little League game.

He really showed me something. Struck out three times.

Made an error that lost the game. Parents were throwing things at our car and swearing at us as we drove off. Gosh, I was proud.

Career highlights? I had two – I got an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax and I got out of a rundown against the Mets.

How do you catch a knuckleball?

You wait until it stops rolling, then go pick it up.

Perfect music for Charlie Sheen

Costner is a hell of and athlete, rumored to have played baseball at Cal State Fullerton, he didn’t.

He took his role for the movie very seriously and actually practiced with the team and signed up and took Auggie Garrido’s class on inside base ball.


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3 Responses to Just a little bit outside

  1. Annie says:

    Ahh! Those wonderful memories. My grandparents home was just 1 house away from the baseball field, where every Friday and Saturday nights were the baseball teams competing against one another. Oh, the thrill of it all, and I was only 13 years old, but loved watching the baseball teams. I grew up with that, as most of us in the 50s did. Oh, how it has changed so much that it makes me want to cry. Once a game top of its field, then football took over and it really did cast out baseball to an extent. But I still love my baseball, as I know more about it than football, where I have to ask my grandson, what does that mean and why? So silly of me, but ever so the truth.


    • JCscuba says:

      We must be about the same age, I played all sports, baseball was my favorite up through high school. Thanks Annie. xoxo J.C.


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