Your Papers Please

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 24th, 2021

This takes us back to W-II when dictators ruled us.

Today most have forgotten that our elected officials were put into office and follow the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

Our would be overseers have forgotten they were elected to help their constituents but many of them believe that We the People work for them.

Classic symbol of spying and oppression, big brother face.

Comrades, when the COVID Compliance Ministry down-under says you must quarantine yourself, they really mean it.  

Australians are not even allowed to operate machinery that might travel on their behalf. 

Apparently the Rona can infect electronic devices, even drones mid-flight, and present a risk for spreading the virus.

Australians are “locked-down”, even in their lock-down. 

Meaning they are physically imprisoned and not permitted any outside communication or contact, with anything, in order to  preserve the health integrity of all other planetary objects in their sphere of influence.

Federal COVID Sky Marshals are patrolling the cities and suburbs looking for non-compliant citizens. 

Try get a hold of your followers and urge them to fall in line.

Words on a tea shirt are meaningless especially when worn by a person of color lying dead in the street.

If captured, the non-compliant dissident is detained, fined and then forcibly quarantined. 

Typical racist trying to get us to buy into her shell game.

Please remind the last ‘free-range Australian‘ to grab the flag and turn out the lights.

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H/T Sundance

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