Panic At Sea: 100,000 Sailors Stuck At Cargo Ships As Global Shipping Crisis Goes From Bad To Worse: Think This Won’t Effect US? Think Again.

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 22, 2021

Living in the United States, for the most part our grocery stores shelves are always filled.

Nicolas Miduro is not just a dictator he’s a fool.

As he pleads to the world for financial investment his his failing country, perhaps he has not considered if Russia or China make his dreams come true,they would take over and never leave.

Joe Biden participates (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

As Biden’s handlers intentionally destroy the U.S. economy by spending more they we bring in in taxes we can plan on inflation and everything costing more in our country for at least two years.

Would the U.S. military come to their rescue? Who knows?

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, smiles after a Bloomberg Television interview in Caracas, Venezuela, on Monday, June 14, 2021. Venezuela, home to the world’s largest oil reserves, is starved for capital and desperate to regain access to global debt and commodity markets after two decades of anti-capitalist transformation and four years of crippling U.S. sanctions. Photographer: Gaby Oraa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

After all, we are not a third world country like Veniszuela whose dictator created the situation while at the same time sitting on the countries inherent wealth, untold mineral wealth and oil.

The explosion in consumer demand over the past year and a half was the trigger of the ongoing global shipping crisis.

There was some hope demand for goods would ease this year, but up until now, it has stayed at record highs.

On the other hand, wait times have never been longer and the logistical nightmare faced by global supply chains seems to have no clear end in sight.

Experts are now predicting that it will take at least another year before the shipping crisis starts to stabilize.

However, the uncontrolled spread of the new virus variant and the slower pace of staff vaccination may jeopardize that forecast. Unfortunately, this means also the worst is yet to come.

Supply chains are about to face many more disruptions and consumers will have to deal with extensive shortages from now on.

The backlog at ports is a problem that has only been intensified since March 2020, compounded by a challenge that definitely won’t be solved in the next five to six months: increasingly large container ships, and ports that haven’t been remodeled to accommodate the gigantic vessels.

In fact, the Port of Los Angeles just recorded its busiest month in history, with over 1 million shipping containers waiting to get unloaded.

To make matters worse, a shortage of port workers and the unprecedented volume of cargo are overwhelming longshoremen and seafarers who are having to work for months beyond their contracted lines.

At this point, the crew change is severely worsening, with thousands of workers trapped at sea for over a year.

“I’ve seen grown men cry,” revealed Captain Tejinder Singh, who hasn’t set foot on dry land in almost a year and isn’t even sure when he’ll finally go home.

“We are forgotten and taken for granted,” he said in an interview with Reuters.

At least one hundred thousand workers are stranded at sea as the Delta variant rapidly spreads onshore.

The Maritime Labor Convention highlighted that that the maximum continuous period a seafarer should serve on board a vessel without leave is 11 months, but many thousands of crew have now been at sea for over 16 months.

“The situation is going from bad to worse. We need more than lip service from governments, we need concrete action that allows crew changes to be carried out in a safe manner,” stressed Stephen Cotton, general secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation.

With virus outbreaks occurring on ships and endangering the lives of marine workers, further disruptions on trade are expected, according to a new Bloomberg report.

On the flip side, another 100,000 are stuck on shore, unable to board the ships they need to earn a living on.

Can you even imagine the nightmare of being stuck at sea for over a year?

According to the United Nations, the situation is quickly evolving into a major humanitarian crisis.

Given that only 2.5% of seafarers have been vaccinated, the vast majority of them are not allowed to go back home.

An imminent labor crunch could halt global shipping indefinitely and threaten the operations of global supply chains for months.

Keeping in mind that the global economy is heavily dependent on the world’s almost two million seafarers who operate the global fleet of merchant ships, which transport around 90% of the world’s trade, the aggravation of this crisis also poses a major threat to the US supply chains.

We are extremely reliant on exports to keep our economy up and running.

Everything — from oil to iron, to food and electronics — either comes or is processed overseas.

According to Insider’s Rachel Premack, this also means that American consumers should brace for yet higher prices and shortages of many products.

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6 Responses to Panic At Sea: 100,000 Sailors Stuck At Cargo Ships As Global Shipping Crisis Goes From Bad To Worse: Think This Won’t Effect US? Think Again.

  1. JAFC says:

    The CCP is smiling.


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  3. Annie says:

    I heard about that, and I think once again if nothing is going to be done about this (which is a stupid thing for those men being held back in their responsibilities in not being able to do their jobs due to an incompetent Biden creep government), then we’re going to be in a panic ourselves here having no provisions, and then it’s back to Stage 1 in empty store shelves with all the hoarders and panic-stricken weaklings called: selfish uncaring humans. I stock-up on things, but I do not hoard, and what I have an abundance on, I share with others. But most folks don’t do that, they’re still in the “fear mode” brought on by our filthy degrading Biden and his Black House of Corruption. So my word of advice here is, to continue on with your stocking up of provisions, but don’t hoard; hoarding and stocking up are two different things, but most people just don’t get it, and that leads to another form of fear. We can thank our despicable government for putting the fear in man into their minds with their power-hungry control of our USA which has slowly become a nation in ruins.


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