House Republicans Demand Answers About Biden Family ‘Cash-Grab’

Comment By Jim Campbell

July 21st, 2021

Each Democrat in the House of Representatives must defend his/her seat along with Republicans.

The Democrats have a major problem and they know it, voters are sick and tired of their do nothing for “All All Americans agenda.”

Democrats – absolutely lawless and unaccountable to anyone and above all, above the law.

They must each be subpoenaed

Biden will likely ignore his claiming “Executive privilege,” President Trump also used successfully.

Doing the long awaited purpwalk. (Photo by Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images)

This leaves us with Hunter, Biden’s confidant and deal maker who rapidly turned Biden into a billionaire while he was still Obama’s vice-president and life insurance policy.

It’s not a matter of “If they go down, but when.

By Samuel Chamberlain,

NY Post,

July 21st, 2021

A dozen Republican members of Congress demanded Wednesday that the White House turn over information related to the business interests of President Biden’s family in order to “understand the extent of the Biden family’s use of its connection to the President to enrich itself.”

The letter to White House Counsel Dana Remus from the members of the House Oversight Committee seeks information on trips then-Vice President Biden took with son Hunter to China in 2013 and Mexico in 2016.

It also asks for a list of “all past and ongoing foreign business interests and past and ongoing foreign relations for members of the Biden family,” as well as all “documents and communications regarding Hunter Biden’s artwork.

The impetus for the letter, which was first obtained by Fox News, appears to be an upcoming exhibition of 15 of Hunter Biden’s paintings at galleries in Los Angeles and New York City later this year.

Prices for the art will range from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000 for the larger canvases.

Last month, The Washington Post reported that White House officials had helped hammer out an agreement to keep the identity of buyers confidential.

The arrangement has caused outrage among Republicans, and been criticized by government ethics watchdogs. [LOL Democrats who have no ethical bearings]

“The whole thing is a really bad idea,” former George W. Bush chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter told The Washington Post earlier this month. “The initial reaction a lot of people are going to have is that he’s capitalizing on being the son of a president and wants people to give him a lot of money. I mean, those are awfully high prices.”

Walter Shaub, who led the Office of Government Ethics under President Barack Obama, agreed, telling the paper: “What these people are paying for is Hunter Biden’s last name.”
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Psaki claims Biden didn’t discuss business with Hunter — despite docs that suggest otherwise

“The prices for these paintings—by someone with no formal training or history as an artist—raise questions about whether the art is being offered for its merit or its connection to the White House,” the Republican letter reads, later adding: “The hidden nature of art purchasers and the difficult question of pricing art has made it a well-known tool for money laundering and other illicit activities.”

The letter also calls out Joe Biden’s brother Frank and sister Valerie, noting that the former touted his relationship to the president in an Inauguration Day print ad for a Florida law firm he advises. Valerie Biden Owens, meanwhile, is under scrutiny over her forthcoming memoir “Growing Up Biden,” which is due out next April.

The House Republicans have also asked the White House to provide a “list of all Biden family members’ appearances in advertisements, public speaking events, or any instance in which the Biden name was used to solicit business, investments, or interest or awareness in a business, campaign, or organization of any sort” and a list of “policies and procedures in place to ensure the Biden family does not profit off the presidency”.
Family members gather for a road naming ceremony with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, centre, his son Hunter Biden
Prices for Hunter Biden’s art will range from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000 for the larger canvases.
AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

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6 Responses to House Republicans Demand Answers About Biden Family ‘Cash-Grab’

  1. Doug says:

    Simple solution… don’t buy the damn artwork. It’s called capitalism.. price is whatever the market will bear. If he sells all 15 pieces for $500,00 that’s 7 million. What is that after taxes.. 4 million, maybe.? That makes the actual profit after tax on each as being $266 thousand. Let’s not forget brokers’ fees percentage coming out of that. Broker fees can be anywhere from 20% to 60%. But let’s give Hunter a low end… 20% to max his profit. That brings the net on each sold piece to roughly $200 thousand each.. for a total profit to bank to Hunter of $3 million.. and that amount is the very high end IF all pieces sold for a half mil.. which is not likely at all. So.. best case for Hunter is he walks away with near $3 million… but very likely something more half that. So you tell me… while a poor old middle class slob like myself could live nicely in my declining years on $1.5 million.. please tell me exactly how much graft and corruption and influence that would buy anywhere in D.C. these days?


  2. JAFC says:

    It’s a pity nobody uses wallpaper any more. Hunter shows a real talent for random floral design. I wonder how much he’d charge for a roll?


  3. Annie says:

    I think we folks out there aren’t as dumb or stupid as these democrats think we are in knowing that this family is corruptible to the brink, and will not stop until we the people keep after them like our President Trump and others are trying to do to be held accountable for their evil ways. And of course we have the right to know the truth, and expect it. But this Pinocchio family has a habit in lying and beliving in their lies; it’s beneath them in telling the truth, but it’s coming and soon!


    • JCscuba says:

      Nancy Pelosi needs to keep her head down if she hears the snap of a snipers rifle. She will likely look up and get center punched.


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