Speaking of being a credit to her race women goes completely nuts at Ohio McDonald’s

By Jim Campbell

June 19th, 2021

So much for getting a happy meal at McDonald’s.

The original article accused her of assault, when she was in fact committing battery.

Assault is defined as make a statement.

Battery is actually committing the act which can be a felony see the definition of felonious assualt and battery which in some courts could have her fat ass breaking rocks for ten years or more.

Getty Images

It seems highly unlikely that people will ever return from a demeanor standpoint to the good old seventies.

I particularly enjoyed the moment when what appeared to be the manager or at least peace maker, got hit in the face twice and just took her down to the ground and pummeled her.

Besides being put in jail she needs her medication adjusted.

Note: This article is in no way to be considered an indictment of people of color.


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4 Responses to Speaking of being a credit to her race women goes completely nuts at Ohio McDonald’s

  1. Annie says:

    This was extremely disturbing to see this wild unrefined black racist woman of prejudice attacking a white employee when she asked for her to leave. Yet, she remained filling up her cup with water and ice and then she was so brazen as to walk over to the employee tossing it at her, and started up once again in her attack mode. This is definitely both an assault and battery charge which I would take it to the court and sue this horrid woman; Miss High and Mighty she thinks with and all her profanity spewing out of her mouth; she just couldn’t keep quiet. This is a threat, and I would ask the court to hold her in contempt and order a summons for her not to be able to ever step her nasty feet into the door of their establishment. Seems like she had hate and racism on her mind when entering. What a piece of filth…..You can thank Obama and his little man Biden for stirring up all of this. And if this were me, I would not stop to have her thrown into jail, and especially if harm came to me with her hitting me in the face which is such a delicate area for one to endure. TRASH ALL THE WAY!


  2. JAFC says:

    It’s become a weird company these days. Whatever happened to Ronald McDonald?


    • JCscuba says:

      He’s at an jump school in North Carolina learning to bring in his food by direct 101st Airborne delivery. Scream Eagles Scream


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