Leslie Stahl Planned Ambush Interview of President Trump On 60 minutes

By Jim Campbell

January 16th, 2021

Stahl predictably brought out her fake news media attack dog approach when the President Trump came loaded for bear.

The President attempted to be cordial and polite as Stahl reeled out her package of lies.

60 minutes is run by leftists who make the hatred of the president the number one priority with their program.

60 Minutes Producer Jeff Fager is a member of the fake news groups that makes every attempt to brainwash it’s audience.

He has been fired by CBS since the interview was conducted.

“60 Minutes” is hardly regarded as a bastion of conservative advocacy, but the long-running CBS news program has come under fire from the left for its segment on transgender health care that included those seeking to reverse the transition process.

The LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD blasted the Sunday episode as “shameful” and “fearmongering,” while Chase Strangio, American Civil Liberties Union deputy director for transgender justice, called it “part of the anti-trans playbook.”

He said that “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl and the producers “knew exactly the harm they were causing.”[Source]

Joe Biden would not handle a hard ball question if he were a ball boy at Dodger Stadium.

Learning how to “Stop the Bleed: Sixty Minutes goes after the AR-16, directly attacking the 2nd Amendment [Source]

‘60 Minutes’ Ignores Democrat Governors’ Scandals

60 Minutes Hatchet job on Halcion

I was indirectly involved in the nonsense that 60 minutes puts up as credible journalism.

I was in Kalamazoo at the time working for the Upjohn Company and inadvertently heard the question asked and answered by the physicians involved with Halcion.

When I say the actual interview, it drifted far from what was said during their segment.

Yes’s were changed to no’s.

The entire piece was mostly left on the director’s cutting room floor.

I knew about the case when I was in Utah it came blaring out over the television in my hotel room.

The real story:

A woman took her mother on a two week cruise, the mother had Alzheimer’s disease.

When they returned, the daughter said that the satellite dish told her to kill her mom, she followed the satelite orders

The Upjohn Company has always been run by physicians as the president’s and CEO’s, this was still the case.

A CEO, CFO, or President would have never settled the case, taking it to court any judge would have likely found the case without merit.


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