Biden’s Body Double Quits, Says He Got Tired Of Pretending To Play A Demented, Corrupt Moron

By Jim Campbell

May 17th, 2021

Imagine being a secret service agent who had sworn a oath to protect with their lives, “Mr. Light’s on and Nobody Home.

Sometimes he will respond to “Mr. Dead in the Head” often confusing himself with Mr. Potato Head.

The look alike gave China Joe his two weeks notice this morning.

Joe Biden standing with his body double inside white room.

WASHINGTON– Joe Biden’s body double has officially resigned from his job of acting as the former vice president’s stand-in, saying that he grew tired of having to play the part of a demented, corrupt, old moron and has given his two weeks notice.

Biden’s body double, 72-year-old Moe Hiden, told Fox News reporters that he wasn’t able to keep up the façade of mimicking his boss’s every cringe-worthy move, such as walking around naked, screaming at inanimate objects, lying to the American people, or making love to his wife Jill.

“The final straw for me was when Hunter’s laptop became public and I had to tell reporters I didn’t know what a laptop is,” Moe Hiden said without slurring his speech.

“It was bad enough having to hide inside Joe’s basement with him twenty hours a day while he exercised in the nude, but I wasn’t able to keep up with the million times Joe would say the complete opposite of what he said five minutes earlier.”

Even though he hated his job, the body double says he doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Joe and hopes he can find a replacement lookalike who’s willing to copy Biden’s every move while his son is being investigated for possible crimes.

He says he also forgives Joe for all the times he came up from behind him and sniffed the back of his head

Fox News reached out to the Democratic nominee to ask him his thoughts on losing his doppelganger so close to the election and asked if he has any plans on replacing his stand-in for all his rally speeches or when making phone calls to foreign leaders for bribes.

“C’mon, man, who’s Moe Hiden?” Biden asked over the phone, referring to his body double. “Look, here’s the deal, fat. I don’t have a body double. This is Russian disinformation that was cooked up by Donald Trump and has already been debunked by Twitter fact-checkers.”


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7 Responses to Biden’s Body Double Quits, Says He Got Tired Of Pretending To Play A Demented, Corrupt Moron

  1. JAFC says:



  2. malenurseken says:

    body double? One doesnt know what to believe anymore. Ive heard Joe had been executed already at gitmo! Along with hillary clinton


    • JCscuba says:

      That would be an excellent way to put to good use failed government property. Thanks


    • Annie says:

      Yes, I’ve read that too, along with many more. Another one was James Comey. They also had arrested a lot of Hollywood’s pedophiles associated with Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual trafficking of children along with Satanic rituals in eating and harvesting their organs to sell. Totally sick! Saw where Tom and Rita Hanks, James Spacey, The Gates, Royal members across the globe, along with Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg (who by the way helped with funding the Wuhan Covid 19), plus many more. Satan in his making of this wicked and evil brew of followers. Hope Trump gets them all, and more. Wipe them all out, and get our sacred USA back into place. Getting rid of the BLM, which is a deadly and sickening organization in the destruction and mayhem and killing in which they all have done, and for what? A miserable low-life man named George Floyd who was a felon, drug addict and much more in raising him up higher than our Lord and worship him?
      And even going farther to have a street named after him? Such a stupid and idiotic joke. I say, find them, and execute the lot; we don’t need trash like this who has no care nor love for another except to take and destroy what others have made for themselves and families, and then have these BLM satanic followers take over and riot, and burn, and kill all in the making for themselves without any grief or remorse. I’m sick of them. They want a socialize country, then we’ll help you leave, and when you leave, you go without, never to return back as you’ll no longer be a USA citizen, not welcomed here.


      • JCscuba says:

        I agree Annie, we will likely never fully understand the beautifully written question and remarks until the Republican’s take the House and or the Senate, likely both. Biden will become a lame duck that will hopefully happen before he is a dead one.
        The election was stolen, there is not reason for him to be in the White House.


      • JCscuba says:

        We are so much further passed that being a socialist country. The Marxists still let us live in and keep our home.


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