The End of the Left is Near

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 15th, 2021

Just like a self inflicted gunshot wound to the brain it’s over, they have absolutely nothing to worry about any longer.

It works the same way in North Korea, China and Russia.

Over the past two weeks the common sense questioning of the CDC finally became too much.

A larger portion of the American electorate woke up to the overall fraud perpetrated by the political operatives in control of the CDC as an institution. 

One significant moment was a New York Times article that cited studies showing no evidence, not a single case, of COVID infection came from casual outdoor contact(s). 

The leftist audience that reads the NYT responded like a cow had just randomly licked them on the forehead.

Yes, it is true that fish do not know they are in water

Soon after I read an article highlighting the view of people who bought into the fraud – now attempting to reconcile the complete and sudden 180º in narrative around masks. 

At first I thought this was parody:

“There’s a glaring omission from this discussion about why people “can’t quit” pandemic behaviors: the mental and emotional toll of the last year.

After what many have been through—death, grief, isolation, stress, anxiety, unemployment, trauma—people are going to have some feelings around transitioning back to a less cautious way of life.” (link)

Then I saw this segment from Rachael Maddow…. These folks really are unstable.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, “The Mad Cow,” has been seen early in the morning dancing with a stole cardboard mannequin of her own likeness until she realized she was having an acid flashback and the police would not let her put it in the squad car.

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