California Governor Newsom Using Federal COVID Bailout Money to Bail Himself Out of COVID Recall Effort

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 15th, 2021

If it can be proven that Newsom did use the money for his own personal use in an attempt to bale himself out the the mess that resulted in his recall, with luck we will see if in front of a grand jury.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is taking the federal COVID bailout money to new levels of manipulated intent by using the funds to bail himself out of a recall that is based on the COVID dictates he initiated.

Thus part of the reason why the highly political federal agencies lifted the COVID rules surfaces. 

Politically the blue state shutdown were backfiring, and the ramifications were getting more serious by the day.

The CDC responded to the political shift against China Joe and lifted their mandates.  Simultaneously, Governor Newsom goes on a spending spree in California to provide bailout money to all the favored leftist causes:

(Via AP) […] His budget released Friday was studded with initiatives favored by his progressive base, including $7.2 billion to pay off people’s outstanding rent and utility bills and $300 million to forgive traffic and other fines for lower-income residents.

[Nusom is a real piece of work]

What are the chances this phony picked up any meaningful amount of trash?

Newsom is know is Sacramento for any reasons, possible assassination, perhaps he is more comfortable there, doesn’t like to talk with his constituents unless he is in his personal office.

Who cares?

When a photo-op like the one above presents itself, he’s all over it like a rabid dog.

Remember, this isn’t his money, it’s the money which belongs to CA taxpayers.

Simple logic dictates most if not all of them would rather see a rebate check in the mail.

There also was $35 million to encourage local universal basic income programs and money to give Medicaid benefits to people 60 and older living in the country illegally. (read more)

Will this strategy work for Newsom this year and will it work for Democrats in 2022 mid-terms?….

Only time will tell. 

However, the transparency of their political intent is as subtle as a brick through a window.

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