Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Divorce

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 3rd, 2021

Bill and Melinda Gates are in some ways an odd couple.

They have made the decision to get divorced.

Divorce is a double edged sword, in that I don’t know if I’m happy for them or a bit sad.

To complicate matters as far as divorce is concerned, they will soon find out as other couples have, who their true friends are/were.

My guess would be that many so called friends got off on saying that they had dinner with the Bill and Malinda.

Appropriate Music: Lorri Morgan and the Beach Boys, “Don’t Worry Baby.”

The who’s next phenomenon?

Meaning that divorces can happen in clusters among friends.

You wake up one morning and think everything is fine and the first words out of her mouth are, “I want to get divorced,” or vice versa.

Forbes Staff

Melissa Holzberg

Bill and Melinda Gates, who jointly run the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private philanthropic foundation, announced on Monday they will divorce after 27 years of marriage. 


Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates introduce the Goalkeepers event at the Lincoln Center

The Microsoft co-founder tweeted that despite “a lot of work on our relationship” the two decided to end their marriage because they “no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.” 

The former couple will continue to work together at their foundation that “works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.” 

Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft in 2020 to focus on the Gates Foundation during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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8 Responses to Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Divorce

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  2. bluecat57 says:

    I missed out on Melania. Think I have a shot? At our age money is easier n the body than sex.


    • bluecat57 says:

      Funny thing. I went to look up how much you would have to spend a day to get through a Billion in a year and I couldn’t find your post because I was looking on my desktop but was typing that comment on my phone.

      OK. So here is the first one I found:
      Nabaraj Ghimire, lives in Kathmandu, Nepal
      Updated December 21, 2018
      oh, Jesus

      I was thinking one billion dollar will be spent within some Days or maybe a Month

      BUT the conclusion is UNEXPECTED.

      One billion dollar is 1,000,000,000.

      If we start to spend it at the rate of 1000 dollar per hour.

      It will finished on 1,000,000,000 / 1000 = 1,000,000 HOURS.

      It will finished on 1,000,000 / 24 = 41666.667 DAYS.

      It will finished on 41666.667 / 365 = 114.15 YEARS.

      I seem to recall a similar calculation 20 or 30 years ago when the federal budget got out of hand.

      Then there is the classic question: How much has to be lying on the ground for Bill Gates to stop and pick it up?

      While Neil deGrasse Tyson is a scumbag, his was the first answer I found.

      Neil deGrasse Tyson: Bill Gates Wouldn’t Bother Picking Up $45,000 Off The Ground
      Jeffrey Dunn
      Jeffrey Dunn

      May 22, 2014·1 min read

      Ever wonder how rich the uber rich are? When it comes to the uber uber uber rich, Bill Gates is typically the first name that comes to mind. In a 2011 video, the always charismatic Neil deGrasse Tyson used Gates’ wealth as an example during a talk.
      Tyson explained how rich Gates with a simple example:
      If Tyson was walking down the street and saw a penny, he wouldn’t bother picking it up. If he saw a quarter, however, he would pick it up. He views that as a useful amount of money. Same probably goes for you as well, right?
      If Gates was walking down the street and saw a quarter, he (in theory) would definitely not pick it up. In order to have the relatively same amount of money on the street that it would be worthwhile to him, Bill Gates would have to stumble across $45,000 on the ground. That’s the equivalent of a quarter ($0.25) to you and me.
      Now how’s that for depressing? You’re welcome.

      BTW – I wouldn’t plan on actually … hmm … it is bedtime and my brain is winding down. I’m trying to think of something funny about not being with her long because she is a far left looney. I’d only be with her long enough to get a billion dollars to leave her alone. See, the funny bone has gone to sleep already.



  3. boudicaus says:

    Who cares, I for one do not.


  4. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:

    The big question for me is who gets custody of the foundation?


    • JCscuba says:

      Thanks Stewart, It seemed to me from hearing them talk they were going to continue working with their charities together. Thanks for finding us. I’m J.C. I run the circus.


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