What kind of People are Running America?

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 13th, 2021

We have had Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff have always been complete idiots and fools.

Under the cartel that changes Biden’s Grampers they are on steroids and will continue to be until the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate.

Thus the importance of the 2022 elections.

A win can bring on impeachment in both the House of Representatives ridding us of the fool forever.

Until we get healthy, mature adults back into authority positions, we will continue to see harmful, hypocritical decisions being made.

Canada Free Press

By Rick Hayes

April 12, 2021

What kind of People are Running America?Americas’ Michael Johnson, the elite 400 and 200-meter sprinter, stretched the chest area on his track jersey when he won Olympic gold to showcase the U.S.A lettering.

U.S. Olympic champion Carl Lewis ran with the American flag after capturing 1st place in the 100-meter dash.

“I love you, America.” was shouted by U.S. Olympic champion Justin Gatlin after beating an elite field at the Olympic games.

All American men and all proud to be American.

The reality that the United States has had a shameful past regarding slavery is not in dispute. 

But what sane leader would punish their citizens for something they did not do on an event long ago past.

America has matured and grown and now is by far the most diverse and fair country on the planet. 

That begs the question:

Who are the people who see racism everywhere in a society where elected officials, business executives, and educators come from every ethnic background?

What kind of person creates a problem where none exists?

An unhappy person.

A person who craves power to fill their inner emptiness.

Someone who gets temporary relief by seeing other people suffer.

There are numerous unhappy people in this country, and many of them reside in Washington DC, are seen on cable news, and head “activist” groups.

Society sees these unhappy, miserable people as success stories because power and wealth are seen by society as a success.

And although on the surface corruption and greed are the activities and motives, the driving force for many of these sad individuals is fear. 

Does anyone not brainwashed consider Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Adam Schiff to be well-adjusted people?

Of course not. These three, as well as many others, tell lies as often as they breathe. 

Life is tough enough without creating artificial problems

So, unfortunately, unhappy people are in control of influential positions in this country. 

And because of this, a false and dangerous premise exists that America is suffering from systemic racism. 

A patently false belief.

Both statistically and historically, America has taken gigantic steps towards racial equality. Successful individuals such as Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, and Justin Gatlin celebrated this fact. 

Millions of Americans can attest to have experienced the true equality of America as they continue to get on with the business of life.

Life is tough enough without creating artificial problems.

Only unhappy people push falsehoods to advance a political agenda or fill a void in their flawed characters.

We should feel sorry for those who sadly want to divide the country due to their own defects, but we should also remember to protect ourselves and our country from such individuals’ actions.

George Floyd’s death is terrible, but the real tragedy is the mainstream media ignoring the many innocent people killed and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed during the BLM summer riots.

Until we get healthy, mature adults back into authority positions, we will continue to see harmful, hypocritical decisions being made. 

We will continue to see fires trying to be put out with gasoline and the actual cause of suffering ignored.


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6 Responses to What kind of People are Running America?

  1. JAFC says:

    The upshot of all of this seems to be that Forced Multiculturalism Kills.


  2. MaddMedic says:

    Greedy. Corrupt. Power hungry. Assholes! That’s who!


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