When Is Enough Enough?

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 11th, 2021

Much of these Red States’ protections have not been tested as yet, but each is withdrawing into their corner and waiting

The police must be respected, they represent the thin blue line between civility and anarchy.

Yes, there are some crooked cops as there are in all walks of life.

The police officer being yelled at below should be allowed to use a stun gun on the young female idiot below or at least pop her in the ribs with his batton.

This would would require a policy change for the police departments involved.

The Canada Free Press

Ray DiLorenzo

April 11th, 2021

Our nation is in anguish.

It has been since at least the turn of the century 21 years ago.

It is apparent that we live in two separate countries.

Each within a country. What to do?

These people of the Left, between 35 – 40% of the electorate, have decided that they will do whatever it takes, legal or otherwise, to garner all the power of the federal government and force-feed their values on the rest of the country.

And they have. Not for the sake of beliefs, but for the sake of power.

They indoctrinate, lie, and engage in constant propaganda as to the ‘unsalable values’ of traditional America, including our Judeo-Christian heritage.

They find racism behind every tree.

And, by the way, they see trees as racist as well.

The Left has willingly engaged in treason to such a degree as to leave much of the nation speechless and traditional government institutions either numb or complicit.

The world knows the 2020 election was fraudulent. World leaders suspect it. While we pretend everything is normal, most of us know something ominous is down the road and heading our way.

On the Right side, we know what works in an imperfect world, the United States as founded. The majority of Americans have been previously willing to accept the lifestyle of the other. Not with approval, but acceptance.

Not in opposition to traditional values, but because of it, but patience is wearing thin.

Democrats do not care about crime, racism, or poverty. Their preeminent concern is…POWER

What to do?

When the political Left continually, without qualm, drums into youth, the poor and less educated, that their problems are because of an inherently reprehensible nation, or other people’s race or gender, attributes they have no control over, something will eventually break. It is breaking.

Crime, corruption and a total breakdown in law and order is flourishing where the indoctrination is the loudest, especially in Democrat-controlled cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

They push for a country with no history of success or prosperity anywhere in the world, now or in the past. We live with two completely different theories of culture, a massive culture gap, now incompatible.

Theirs are failed cities and societies and they insist that the rest of the country continually pay for their failures.

We have long known that these Democrats do not care about crime, racism, or poverty. Their priority, their preeminent concern is once again…POWER!

We no longer have a Democrat Party that is moderate, mainstream, agreeable, or even loyal.

Any country can handle a change in government that takes minor course corrections.

But, no nation can put up with constant 180 degree reversals in priorities and values every time there is a change in the party in power.

Any metal with constant bending, however strong, will break.

The 10th Amendment is the last Amendment in the Bill of Rights

What to do?

There seems to be three courses of action.

One, do nothing and let nature take its course.

Two, states that decide they can no longer abide or have consent of the governed, secede. Three, states that determine that the federal government is no longer submitting to the Constitution, nullify any executive order or law determined to be unconstitutional.

The first course of action is no action at all. Many are planning for what they are not sure.

One thing is certain. Sooner or later, the beans run out.

Forget it. The second has been done before with 700,000 dead, the equivalent of over 6 million dead today.

A last resort to be sure.

The third is compelling. Lean on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

Strengthen statehood or their nationhood within a nation.

Turn inward. Nullify what is clearly unconstitutional.

In other words, strengthen the state’s legal sovereignty and finally put a halt to the federal government’s misappropriation of power.

The 10th Amendment is the last Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

It was designed to make sure the federal government would not overstep its authority.

The federal government has for many years slowly usurped its power and shows no indication of ceasing.

In fact, it is working overtime to do just that. In response, many states have already passed legislation to protect themselves against this administration’s abuse of authority.

Democrats will do what Democrats do…go too far.

Knowing that, It has become apparent that we can no longer live together as it continues. What concerns many is who are these power hungry Democrats taking orders from?

But, what the Left is ignorant of is the mettle of the Right.

The Right will not allow this great nation to be destroyed.

Much of these Red States’ protections have not been tested as yet, but each is withdrawing into their corner and waiting.


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