Who is a better Press Secretary than Kayleigh McEnany?

No pleasing to here someone get straight the point, non sense and while dropping bombs right on target, good for the administration or bad, she was the perfect woman for the job.

So many brains, so articulate, is it any wonder that Fox News picked her up for her on show?

On the other hand we have Biden’s Press Secretary and please don’t take the time to watch it as it’s the same nonsense she spouts daily.

She says, ‘I’ll have circle around and get back to you on that,’ rather, I don’t know at this moment, that she has become known as “Circle Jerk Psaki.

Circle Jerk Psaki indeed.

Not to worry, Biden’s handlers won’t be keeping her around long unless that are tagged for the position.

Then she becomes a lifer, for as long a Joe may live.


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