Hell Freezing Over? CNN’s Berman Presses Biden White House on Border Disaster

Comment by Jim Campbell

March 16th, 2021

Give me a break as the extraterrestrial news tries to lob more lies over the fence at our under educated voters.

Why are they undereducated students?

Because for the most part they have been indoctrinated in blue states.

This is in know way stopping the American’s of Mexican descent from making a profit.

This is unconfirmed from very weak sources that Starbucks is planning on opening up a cardboard shack until things get sorted out.

News Busters

Mark Finkelstein

March 16th, 2021

Is hell freezing over?

A CNN host on Tuesday actually pressed a Biden administration member over its shortcomings on the border crisis! CNN’s

John Berman is among the snarkiest of the liberal media’s Republican haters.

Just yesterday, we caught Berman parroting the Democrat line on the border crisis, saying the border crisis is “all the more reason to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Please move scroll bar to the twenty one minute mark unless you enjoy looking at the backs of the White House Press Corps Heads.

Ya think? LOL

Way to go Joe!

So it was beyond surprising when on New Day, Berman actually held the Biden border honcho’s feet to the fire over their botched handling of the border crisis.

The journalist chided the Biden administration as hypocrites, noting that reality was at odds with the campaign’s  much more humane message.”

Talking to Biden border coordinator Roberta Jacobson, the journalist demanded, “The Mexican president said the other day, of the migrants, ‘They see President Biden as the migrant president.’

[So does the U.S. Taxpayer]

 How do you respond to that?” 

As you’ll saw in the clip, Berman demanded specifics as to what the Biden administration is doing to prevent minors coming across the border.

He also criticized the White House for failing to get the message out that the border is closed. 

John Berman Roberta Jacobson CNN New Day 3-16-21

BERMAN: You’ve spoken about the message manipulation that is taking place with smugglers, sending these messages to families and children coming to the United States.

Democratic congressmen Henry Cuellar — and I’m using Democratic politicians specifically because it would be great to get politics out of this, He has this to say about this. Listen.

HENRY CUELLAR: This Friday I was there and I talked to some of the people that had come across. There were about 20 of them.

I asked them which message have they heard? Never heard the president! But they heard from their friends and neighbors that were coming across.

They saw things on TV that people were coming across.

And, they were getting recruited by people to come over across.

So, it has to be a strong message because, with all due respect, the administration’s message is not coming through.

BERMAN: “The administration’s message is not coming through,” says Congressman Cuellar. Why? Why isn’t it getting through?

Jacobson had a verbal tic of pleading, three times, “you’ve got to understand” various things to excuse the Biden administration’s failures. 

At the end, Jacobson actually admitted that the human smugglers, who are telling people the border is open, are actually more “agile and quick” than the Biden admin!

CNN’s John Berman surprisingly pressing the Biden border honcho on the administration’s failed handling of the border crisis was sponsored in part by Liberty Mutual, Google, Publishers Clearing House, Noom, and Hyundai.

Some things are left better off alone!


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