What a One-Party Oligarchy Means Going Forward

Comment by Jim Campbell

January 8th, 2021

“Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out

Many Republicans are having a rough time dealing with the switch in power and it would seem that some of them have gone flat-ass crazy.

I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted.

While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

Somebody needs to lay a lode of Xanax on them before they hurt their selves.

The harrowing cost of Congress certifying electoral fraud.

Front Page Magazine

Lloyd Billingsley

Jan 8th, 2021

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.

President Trump issued that statement early Thursday, and Democrats were quick to follow.

Joe Biden said those who stormed the Capitol were “domestic terrorists.

It’s that simple.”

Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer called for Trump’s immediate removal under the 25th Amendment, calling Trump “a very dangerous person” who committed an “act of sedition.”

Joining Schumer and Pelosi was Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, on the grounds that Trump is unfit for office and to “ensure the next few weeks are safe for the American people.” 

Pelosi also supports a resolution by Democrat Cory Bush to expel from Congress unnamed Republicans who allegedly enabled Trump.

He had the temerity to interrupt the previous president’s plan to transform America into a one-party oligarchy, and that launched the left’s jihad against him.

In four years, in the face of furious opposition, President Trump achieved more than anybody thought he would, and Trump’s middle-east peace accords drew widespread praise.

Trump never got his day in court, so by all indications the president of the United States has no standing to present evidence of election fraud.

The illegitimate Joe Biden now reprises the ancien régime of 2008-2016, and that should have 74 million Trump voters appraising the forces arrayed against them.

Long before they caved to election fraud, federal legislators were representing the Washington establishment to their districts, not the other way around.

As the late Frank Zappa put it, those folks up in Washington just look out for number one.

And number one ain’t you. You ain’t even number two. Powerful precincts of the establishment deployed against Trump supporters, and that will surely ramp up under Biden.

The Department of Justice spearheaded the coup attempt against Trump and despite a mountain of evidence declined to file any charges against key players Comey, Strzok, McCabe et al.

The DOJ is basically the pro-bono law firm of the deep state, and not a friend of freedom moving forward.

Neither is the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Like the KGB, the FBI takes the man then finds the crime, and the bureau is not adverse to “wet” operations. 

For example, in 1992 the FBI deployed military force against a single family, and FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver through the head as she held her infant daughter.

Attorney General William Barr sprung to the defense of the FBI sniper, not his innocent victim. So no surprise that in 2020 Barr looked the other way at election fraud.

In 2020, while leftist mobs burned buildings and murdered police officers such as David Dorn, reports of FBI response were hard to find.

Note that it was the U.S. Marshals, not the FBI, that took down leftist thug Michael Reinoehl, who murdered Aaron J. Danielson, smeared as a “far right supporter.”

Joe Biden has described Antifa as “an idea, not an organization,” a concept echoed by FBI boss Christopher Wray last September.  Wray has kept rather quiet about the murder of former DHS whistleblower Philip Haney last February.

Those who pushed back on Islamic terrorism during the Trump administration should be now be watching their back.

Like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden will not speak the names of the terrorists’ victims.

That hardly enhances the safety of the public, also subject to other powerful forces.

The composite character president, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, deployed the IRS against conservative groups and individuals.

Joe Biden has every incentive to do likewise, and the powerful IRS is hardly his only weapon.

Under the prevailing regime of white coat supremacy, citizens can be stripped of their basic rights with impunity.

New York state is considering Assembly Bill A416, under which the governor can “order the removal and/or detention” of persons who are or “may be” a danger to public health.

They can detained in an “appropriate facility” until the “department” decides to turn them loose.

With no apology to Dalton Trumbo, this could be the beginning of the American concentration camp.

Note also that Dr. Anthony Fauci is extending lockdowns until late 2021, possibly longer, and the racist vaccine distribution system menaces elderly persons of pallor.

The left automatically consigns this group to the oppressor class, and they will get no respect from the establishment media.

Recall that Neil (rhymes with puto) Cavuto of Fox News broke away from a press conference on election fraud.

The news must now be examined for what it conceals, which can be considerable.

The New York Times set the standard by concealing Stalin’s terror famine in Ukraine.

Modern counterparts look the other way at BLM-Antifa violence, or pass it off as “peaceful protest.”

The ancien régime headed by Joe Biden is hostile and the reactionary forces formidable.  

On the other hand, a patriotic movement is on the rise, rededicated to the God-given rights to life and liberty, and as David Horowitz says, “is prepared to defend them.”

As President Trump likes to say, we’ll have to see what happens.


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7 Responses to What a One-Party Oligarchy Means Going Forward

  1. Stop the Corruption! says:

    At this time the news is difficult to even understand. Joe Biden stands up and proudly states (there is a YouTube) that his Democrats have the greatest fraud machine ever produced.

    There are numerous reports of voter fraud in various states with video and deposition evidence but there is not a Court that will allow this accusation and evidence to be heard. What are We, the People, to think? Is justice and equality under the law gone? It does appear to be the case.

    The next phase will be interesting to watch as it develops. Will the conservatives use violence as has the Progressive Radicals? That is just one option. The voter option died Jan.6 & 7, 2021. And after four full years of hearing these radical progressive democrats whine and complain one must wonder what it will take to achieve JUSTICE? Back in the 1960’s there was the Weather Underground who actually murdered people to get their way.

    Looking at the numbers, it is estimated that some 140 million people voted. There are estimates that as many as 100 million voted for Trump. Using these numbers, it should be clear that Trump has tremendous support! The election was overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. So, now what?

    Will main stream America simply sit back and allow this corrupt cheater, Biden, to be inaugurated? Seems unlikely to me.

    AND, there are a minimum of 12 days left for President Trump to take some sort of action. The Radical Democrats have made less than veiled threats against President Trump.

    Then America has been primed to expect various disclosures in the next few remaining days of Trump’s First Term!

    Does America get to see the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine pedophilia evidence? Did Hillary and Huma really torture and kill a young girl and then drink her blood? Just what did Bill Clinton do on Epstein’s Island? And were there cigars involved as in the past?

    What about the Obama-Gate Conspiracy? Will America learn the truth? Is Hillary still alive and if so can the People get that verified?

    Were Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi really secret lovers? What does the NSA know about all of this “rumor stuff” that might be disclosed in the very next 12 days?

    Are the People going to be subjected to videos of Hunter Biden having sex with his underage cousin? Was Joe actually there watching as is claimed?


  2. 4farmgirl says:

    The Insurrection Act must be implemented NOW and all traitors executed!


    • JCscuba says:

      I don’t think they execute traitors anymore. They get about a 10 year sentence.


    • JCscuba says:

      The law prohibits the incitement, assistance, and participation in a rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States and its laws. The punishment for this crime is a fine, a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison, and ineligibility for public office.

      Rebellion or Insurrection – FindLaw
      criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-charges/rebellion-or-insurrection.html#:~:text=The law prohibits the incitement, assistance, and participation,in federal prison, and ineligibility for public office.


  3. boudicaus says:

    Reblogged this on boudica.us and commented:
    H/T gds44


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