1967 Interview of Donald Trump by Larry King: Amazing

By Jim Campbell

October 30, 2020

The interview below is a stunner.

The media likes to make Donald Trump out as a liberal in his earlier years because he donated to Democrats.

At the same time, he was donating to Republicans because he is a businessman and extraordinarly successful one at that.

Mr. Trumps image of the immediate future was on the nails.

Trump in his interview and question and answer session pretty well predicted the future presidency of Jimmy Carter with his double-digit interest rates and inflation with consumer gas lines.

It’s a tie between Carter and Obama as the worst occupants of the White House in U.S. History.


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1 Response to 1967 Interview of Donald Trump by Larry King: Amazing

  1. Stop the Corruption! says:

    I disagree! Obama was by far the worst President in American History. Obama brought a transvestite to be the First Lady-Boy in America. To make matters even worse, Michelle (Michael) openly expressed her (his) hatred of America!

    ‘Then America has Obama to thank for the Islamic invasion of the USA. The FBI knows of and publishes the locations of many “Jihadist” training camps in America. WTF? The U. S. Constitution is very clear about any attempts to overthrow America’s government. Further, the U. S. Constitution is clear about Constitutional Law being the Law of the Land in America. If Muslims want to live under Sharia Law then move to a Muslim country.

    President Trump’s PLAN includes returning America to the Rule of Law as defined in the U. S. Constitution.

    Obama has committed Treason numerous times but the MSM (Main Stream Media) refuses to publish any such facts. The recent disclosures have now opened than door. The Benghazi incident is just one of the incidents of Obama’s Treason. Killing SEAL Team Six is another incident of Obama’s Treason. These two specific incidents also involved Hillary and Biden.

    THe ObamaGate Conspiracy is yet another incident of the total corruption of the Obama / Biden Administration. Each and every individual involved in the ObamaGate Conspiracy needs to be arrested and prosecuted. There are so many “Whistle-Blowers” who all conform the Conspiracy. There are several books on this subject as well.

    After Jimmy Carter was done being President he went out and attempted to do so good in the world! Not so with Obama. After Obama was done being President he then organized a resistance movement in an attempt to unseat an sitting President. This act by Obama is an Act of Sedition and is not allowed. Only the Deep State has allowed this Organizing for America conspiracy to Continue. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and many other were all involved in the Ukraine Corruption. Of course, the Communist in China are also deeply involved as America has learned!

    President Trump has now completed the restructuring of the Supreme Court and these issues will all be coming to the top of the Corruption cesspool in the very near future!


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