Project MK Ultra: The CIA and federal governments use of mind control on members of the agency and unsuspecting U.S. Citizens

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 27th, 2020

It can’t possibly be known the number of sinister projects the CIA and the federal government were involved in as most are still labled Top Secret.

From what we do know from the article below, it represents one of the darkest periods in the CIA federal government’s history. [Heavily sourced at the bottom.]


Larry Romanoff


Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (center) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. in early 1960s. Picture: AP

Note to readers.

A list of the most important references is at the end of the essay, before the notes.

The United States government-funded and performed countless psychological experiments on unwitting humans, especially during the Cold War era, perhaps partially to help develop more effective torture and interrogation techniques for the US military and the CIA, but the almost unbelievable extent, range, and duration of these activities far surpassed possible interrogation applications and appear to have been performed from fundamental monstrous inhumanity.

To simply read summaries of these, even without the details, is almost traumatizing in itself.

In studies that began in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the US Military began identifying and testing truth serums like mescaline and scopolamine on human subjects, which they claimed might be useful during interrogations of Soviet spies.

These programs eventually expanded to a project of vast scope and enormous ambition, centralized under the CIA in what would come to be called Project MK-ULTRA, a major collection of interrogation and mind-control projects. Inspired initially by delusions of a brainwashing program, the CIA began thousands of experiments using both American and foreign subjects often without their knowledge or against their will, destroying countless tens of thousands of lives and causing many deaths and suicides.

Funded in part by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and jointly operated by the CIA, the FBI, and the intelligence divisions of all military groups, this decades-long CIA research constituted an immense collection of some of the most cold-blooded and callous atrocities conceivable, in a determined effort to develop reliable techniques of controlling the human mind.

MK-ULTRA was an umbrella for a large number of clandestine activities that formed part of the CIA’s psychological warfare research and development, consisting of about 150 projects and sub-projects, many of them very large in their own right, with research and human experimentation occurring at more than 80 institutions that included about 50 of America’s best-known colleges and universities.

Fifteen or twenty major research Foundations including Rockefeller, dozens of major hospitals, a great many prisons, and mental institutions, and many chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

At least 200 well-known private scientific researchers were part of this program, as were many thousands of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other similar.

Many of these institutions and individuals received their funding through so-called “grants” from what were clearly CIA front companies.

In 1994 a Congressional subcommittee revealed that up to 500,000 unwitting Americans were endangered, damaged or destroyed by secret CIA and military tests between 1940 and 1974.

Given the deliberate destruction of all the records, the full truth of the MK-ULTRA victims will never be known, and certainly not the death toll.

As the inspector general of the US Army later stated in a report to a Senate committee: “In universities, hospitals and research institutions, an unknown number of chemical tests and experiments … were carried out with healthy adults, with mentally ill and with prison inmates.”

According to one government report, “In 149 separate mind-control experiments on thousands of people, CIA researchers used hypnosis, electroshock treatments, LSD, marijuana, morphine, Benzedrine, mescaline, seconal, atropine, and other drugs.

Test subjects were usually people who could not easily object – prisoners, mental patients, and members of minority groups – but the agency also performed many experiments on normal, healthy civilians without their knowledge or consent.

There were 149 subprojects listed under the umbrella of MKULTRA.

Project MONARCH has not been officially identified by any government documentation as one of the corresponding subprojects, but is used rather, as a descriptive “catchphrase” by survivors, therapists, and possible “insiders.”

MONARCH may in fact, have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i.e. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a keyword or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance.

Operation OFTEN, a study that attempted to harness the power of occult forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH. There were also operations BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKNAOMI, and MKDELTA.

Please read the entire article below.

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9 Responses to Project MK Ultra: The CIA and federal governments use of mind control on members of the agency and unsuspecting U.S. Citizens

  1. 4farmgirl says:

    Sickening! Don’t trust the government for anything!

    It is most difficult for one who has participated with various agencies in our government for what appeared to be necessary, acceptable and logical combatants to evil in the world to think there was ever a bad motive. But behind every good intention it seems there are one or more bad motives for “control of the people.” My experience and naïvety working in a compartmentalized organization where I thought I was doing good, may have contributed to the support of this evil. Only after looking at the big picture can one seemingly understand the corruption there is behind our good intentions. A lesson learned.


  2. Your footnote: “Please read the entire article below.” there is no article.
    I recall reading about Ultra before.
    I’d known some people who had used mescaline – hallucinogenic effects comparable to those of LSD and psilocybin, from psilocybin mushrooms- I avoided any use of these; it demonstrated a total lack of common sense. Hated Timothy Leary and the Grateful Dead for promoting the use of LSD.
    The connections between the Grateful Dead and LSD are quite unique. In the history of modern music, no other band and no other fanbase has been as immeshed in drug distribution as the Grateful Dead were with LSD.


  3. Stop the Corruption! says:

    Very Interesting information. Over the past there have been many movies, books and projects which disclosed these CIA Programs. According to various internet sources, all secret data is stored over at the National Security Agency and can be obtained with the proper approvals. I have no idea if this is true but the record retention rules make me suspect it is true.

    The bigger question as to old records is what form are they stored in, what format and method. Computer storage is a relatively current event so that information dating back to the 1940’s,
    1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s would be on paper of some sort. My point being that any research on this topic is limited.

    The comment about don’t trust the government for anything is a really good guide to all Governments including America’s.

    JFK had the best solution – disband the CIA. Simply stop any and all CIA programs. At the conclusion of WW-II there is much information that has only recently been made public. Annie Jacobson has done lots of research and written books that provide some facts about this program and many other Natzi programs. The disclosures in Jacobson’s books along with other information available on the Internet make ever trusting the government impossible. The IRS is a fraud. Income Taxes are specifically not allowed by the Constitution. Congress is complete corrupt. THe Executive Branch was infiltrated and corrupted for more than 40 years. George H. W. Bush was the start of the complete corruption of the CIA. H W Bush became head of the CIA back n 1976. Prior to that HW Bush was in the Military and then an operator in the CIA and is rumored to have been deeply involved in the assassination of JFK!

    The time for some drastic changes is NOW! Vote wisely in the November election!


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