O.K. so he proved he could read the same exact speech off a teleprompter

By Jim Campbell

Is it Real or is it Memorex?

Is Joe real or is he a hologram?

We won’t know for certain until he debates President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday September 29th at Notre Dame University.

Nancy Pelosi who has been leading her party down the drain thinks differently about the debate. [Think as she says in the video below doesn’t go well with Pelosi in the same sentence.]

Thinking has never been one of Pelosi’s stronger skill sets.

The speech wasn’t an exact copy of the first one, In this one, he said he is not a socialist and thae he was for fracking.

FBI still full of cucks...refuse to turn over Hillary info because there's "no interest ...

Biden also blundered into Social Security by saying a Trump administration would deplete funds to senior citizen’s by 2023.

Trump has assured a reputable journalist that Social Security and Medicaid will be secure.

I believe he is using projection, tipping us on what a Biden Administration has planned.

According to El Rushbo on his radio program, Biden’s tripe and useless asides were filled with far more lies.

The Fact Checkers are very busy right now.

Both humongous piles of B.S.

Notably when he went through it the second time he did fairly well until he went of the script.

Bet the house that he and his handlers are now sitting with a focus group which is unlikely to find any hidden gold.

After all, they are Democrats talking to Democrats who live in the land of houses filled with smoke filled rooms.


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