Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 2nd, 2020

Readers at this site know that per cents mean next to nothing.

Seriously, there was a peak during our weapons testing exercises that it was safer to be in Afghanistan than on the streets of Chicago.

Not to make light of death, but then again why not, yesterday one towel head got shot dead, the next day.

Another was shot dead, that’s a hundred percent increase.

In 2011 the U.S. suffered 563 deaths the bloodiest loss of life to date.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks during a news conference in Hall A at the COVID-19 alternate site at McCormick Place in Chicago, Friday, April 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Stringent Gun Controls Fail to Prevent 100 Shooting Victims in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago. [Sure it did]

It’s not likely that this situation will ever be completely under control.

Here’s a start, Fire Mayor LightFoot, the entire city council, and the police department and start with some brand new blood.

Chrissythehyphenated: I’m for more guns, thank you very much | For God, Family, and Country

The lefty mayor and her cabal my want to ponder why states, counties, and cities have lover shooting and deaths when open carry and concealed carry are allowed.

Breitbart News Services

AWR Hawkins

Aug. 2nd, 2020

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago witnessed a 139 percent increase in murder during July 2020 when compared to July 2019.

ABC7 reported there were 105 murders in July 2020, up from “the 44 reported in July 2019.”

Moreover, there were 406 “shooting incidents” in Chicago during the month of July 2020, an increase of 75 percent “from the 232 last July,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Over a longer span of time, murders were up 51 percent from January 1, 2020, through July 31, 2020, compared to murders for the same period of time in 2019, according to the Sun-Times.

Lightfoot blamed Chicago mayhem and bloodshed on gun-friendly states during a July 26, 2020, appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

According to The Hill, Lightfoot told CNN, “Our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on our streets, 60 percent of which come from states outside of Illinois.”

She added, “We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.”

Lightfoot did not mention that the Chicago area already has an “assault weapons” ban via a Cook County ordinance. Nor did she mention background checks are a federal requirement, mandated for all retail gun sales in every state of the Union, whether that is Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, or California.

The mayor also failed to noted that her state, Illinois, requires everyone to obtain a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card before being allowed to possess a gun, and the process for obtaining that card includes a background check.

Think you know the facts about gun control?

David Lampo

The CATO Institute

If your only source of information is the mainstream media, what you think you know may not be correct. Take the quiz below and test your knowledge.

1. Thousands of children die annually in gun accidents.

False. Gun accidents involving children are actually at record lows, although you wouldn’t know it from listening to the mainstream media.

In 1997, the last year for which data are available, only 142 children under 15 years of age died in gun accidents, and the total number of gun-related deaths for this age group was 642.

More children die each year in accidents involving bikes, space heaters or drownings. The often-repeated claim that 12 children per day die from gun violence includes “children” up to 20 years of age, the great majority of whom are young adult males who die in gang‐​related violence.

2. Gun shows are responsible for a large number of firearms falling into the hands of criminals.

False. Contrary to President Clinton’s claims, there is no “gun show loophole.”

All commercial arms dealers at gun shows must run background checks, and the only people exempt from them are the small number of non‐​commercial sellers.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, at most 2 percent of guns used by criminals are purchased at gun shows, and most of those were purchased legally by people who passed background checks.

3. The tragedy at Columbine High School a year ago illustrates the deficiencies of current gun control laws.

False. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold violated close to 20 firearms laws in amassing their cache of weapons (not to mention the law against murder), so it seems rather dubious to argue that additional laws might have prevented this tragedy.

The two shotguns and rifles used by Harris and Klebold were purchased by a girlfriend who would have passed a background check, and the TEC-9 handgun used by them was already illegal.

4. States that allow registered citizens to carry concealed weapons have lower crime rates than those that don’t.

True. The 31 states that have “shall issue” laws allowing private citizens to carry concealed weapons have, on average, a 24 percent lower violent crime rate, a 19 percent lower murder rate and a 39 percent lower robbery rate than states that forbid concealed weapons.

In fact, the nine states with the lowest violent crime rates are all right‐​to‐​carry states. Remarkably, guns are used for self‐​defense more than 2 million times a year, three to five times the estimated number of violent crimes committed with guns.

5. Waiting periods lower crime rates.

False. Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of waiting periods, both before and after the federal Brady bill was passed in 1993. Those studies consistently show that there is no correlation between waiting periods and murder or robbery rates. Florida State University professor Gary Kleck analyzed data from every U.S. city with a population over 100,000 and found that waiting periods had no statistically significant effect. Even the University of Maryland anti-gun researcher David McDowell found that “waiting periods have no influence on either gun homicides or gun suicides.”

6. Lower murder rates in foreign countries prove that gun control works.

False. This is one of the favorite arguments of gun control proponents, and yet the facts show that there is simply no correlation between gun control laws and murder or suicide rates across a wide spectrum of nations and cultures.

In Israel and Switzerland, for example, a license to possess guns is available on-demand to every law-abiding adult, and guns are easily obtainable in both nations.

Both countries also allow the widespread carrying of concealed firearms, and yet, admits Dr. Arthur Kellerman, one of the foremost medical advocates of gun control, Switzerland and Israel “have rates of homicide that are low despite rates.

IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women | Idf women, Military girl, Military women

Woman in the Israeli Defense Force

The basic premise of the gun control movement, that easy access to guns causes higher crime, is contradicted by the facts, by history, and by reason. Let’s hope more people are catching on.


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4 Responses to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

  1. Stop the Corruption says:

    For the group that advocates for lower death, claiming even one death is too much there are much easier places to use your energies to save lives.

    Doctors are at the top of people causing death. Starvation is way up near the top as to cause of death in the world. Estimates for starvation are 8,700 people per day! That equates to over 3 million people a year.

    Think about the issue with CRIMINALS. By definition someone using a gun illegally is a criminal. Criminals do not obey the law and that is why we call them criminals. Gun control will never stop a criminal. Criminal control is much more difficult. Blaming guns for criminal behavior is not a solution to criminal control. Car accidents are still a big contributor to death. There are so many laws on the books about car control that it is not possible to even find them all. Drinking alcohol is and driving is against the law and still kills more people every year than guns. Again, the focus of gun control is people control.

    The Second Amendment is in the Constitution for the protection of every American. Every America needs to realize that the Bill of Rights could actually be called the Bill of Restrictions on Government Power! The U. S. Constitution is all about individuals freedom and rights. The U. S. Constitution was designed to protect individual rights and limit government!


  2. Reblogged this on 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog and commented:
    Liberal Leftist Lunatics!!!


  3. MaddMedic says:

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    It’s the GUNS fault…All mine are defective apparently.They just lay around doing nothing…


  4. JSFC says:

    It’s a pity the murderers never turn on their patrons in city hall.


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